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What Are The Hot Peanuts Benefits For Health | Peanuts Nutrition |

In winter, as the sun sets, there is a distinctive tinkling sound in the air, and at the same time, the smell of peanuts roasted in the soil begins to attract us.

It is true that eating hot peanuts in cold weather has its own taste. It is not used to make food and why not eat it. It is also very useful for health.

What is Peanut?

What Are The Hot Peanuts Benefits For Health | Peanuts Nutrition |

Peanut is a legume plant but due to its nutritional value, it is considered a dried fruit. Peanuts are high in fat, which is why their oil is extracted. Peanuts are used in various double bread, bun, cakes, desserts, and many other foods, including soups.

Peanuts Nutrition

What Are The Hot Peanuts Benefits For Health | Peanuts Nutrition |

Peanuts are called the almonds of the poor. Because of its many benefits, it is considered a complete food. It contains up to 28% protein while it contains fat thiamine, niacin, steel, vitamin E, D, K, and B6, folate, calcium, zinc, and useful non-oxidant components.

The non-oxidizing ingredients found in peanuts are more nutritious than apples, beets, and carrots. These non-oxidizing ingredients not only relieve dry skin but also play an important role in brightening the lips.


Vitamin D strengthens bones and teeth and keeps them away from diseases. Vitamin C in peanuts has the full potential to fight against cancer. Natural steel plays an important role in the formation of new blood cells.

100 grams of raw peanuts contain the equivalent of one kilogram of milk. It contains 1.3 times more vitamins than meat. Peanuts are good for digestion. It strengthens the stomach and lungs. The properties of peanut oil are no less than those of potato oil.

Eating a small number of peanuts a day not only helps lean people gain weight, but it is also very nutritious for those who exercise.

Research View

What Canada Says?

A recent study in Canada says that the use of peanuts is very useful for diabetics. According to experts, one tablespoon of peanuts a day can bring positive results for people with diabetes. Doctors say that the use of peanuts plays an important role in maintaining the level of insulin in the blood of people who use insulin.

What America Says?

American scientists suggest that if peanut enthusiasts eat it boiled instead of eating it raw, roasted or fried, it will give the body up to 4 times the amount of beneficial health chemicals that make it immune.

However, overcooking or overheating peanuts loses their beneficial health chemicals.

Medical View

Medical experts advise expectant mothers not to eat too many peanuts during pregnancy because mothers who eat too many peanuts during pregnancy are three times more likely to have peanut allergies in their babies than those who do. Mothers do not eat peanuts during pregnancy.

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