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Some Important Foods According To Your Blood Group Type - Health-Teachers

"People should choose their diet according to their blood type," says Peter, a well-known neurologist. "The importance and uniqueness of the blood group can be easily gauged from the fact that there are certain foods for a healthy life that are beneficial for people with a certain blood group while harmful for people with other specific blood groups.

Even exercise is closely linked to your blood type or your blood type can cause you to get sick. ” Dr. Peter explains these side effects in his book. The main purpose was to analyze the use and quantity of food according to the blood group.

There are basically 4 types of blood groups:

Some Important Foods According To Your Blood Group Type

1: Blood Group A

Some Important Foods According To Your Blood Group Type

When man was advancing in agriculture 20,000 years ago, there was a permanent change in blood group A and now it is appropriate for all those who have blood group A to eat vegetables. Make the most of it - such people are commonly called "The agrarians".

2: Blood Group O

Some Important Foods According To Your Blood Group Type

This blood group is more than 30,000 years old and is one of the oldest blood groups in the world. Have blood group O. They are called "Hunters".

3: Blood Group B

Some Important Foods According To Your Blood Group Type

People with blood group B are called "The Nomads" because they can get used to dairy products such as dairy products this blood group was discovered 10,000 years ago.

4: Blood Type AB

Some Important Foods According To Your Blood Group Type

This is a new blood group, so the diet of this blood group is between blood groups A and B this blood type is only 1000 years old and people with this group are called "Enigmas".

Suggested foods by blood group:

For Blood Group A

Digestible Foods: People in this blood group should eat proven cereals and vegetables instead of pasta and double bread. In addition, people with this blood group can easily eat figs and apples. Eat nuts and soy.

Undigested food: Meat of any kind, even beans and dairy products should be avoided.

For Blood Group O

Digestible foods: Seafood, red meat, chicken and other protein rich foods can be eaten. As far as vegetables are concerned, spinach, cabbage and sorbet can be eaten.

Undigested foods: Avoid beans, peanuts, lentils, milk and yogurt, as well as grains and wheat.

For Blood Group B

Foods to be digested: green vegetables, fruits, grains, turkey, red meat, and fish.

Undigested food: all kinds of seeds, peanuts, lentils, lentils and corn.

For Blood Group AB

Digestive foods: Tofu, turkey, seafood, vegetables, beans, watermelon, figs, apples and bananas are also good choices.

Undigested food: Corn, red meat (this can make you suffer from stomach ache) - In addition, caffeine intake should be avoided.

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