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Do you snore too Maybe that's not the reason - Health-Teachers

Do you snore too Maybe that's not the reason - Health & Fitness

Deep and restful sleep is essential for a healthy life. If sleep disturbances start to occur for any reason, it can have a negative effect on overall health.

This is dangerous because it affects not only the people around but also people who wake up several times a night and lack of sleep can lead to many diseases including depression and heart disease. At the same time, snoring also indicates many diseases that are pumping in the body.

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What is the main cause of snoring and how to get rid of it? In this regard, ENT specialist Dr. Iqbal Khayani participated in a private TV show where he provided useful information about snoring.

According to Dr. Iqbal, only 2% of snorers are those who snore due to some disease, while 98% of the common causes of snoring are obstruction in any place from nose to neck.

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Other causes of snoring include being overweight, excessive fatigue, taking medications for an illness such as blood pressure, diabetes or depression, bone or flesh growth in the nose, crooked bones, or glands.

Dr. Iqbal further said that snoring not only disturbs the sleep of the people around him but also affects his own sleep, which is why a person who snores does not get a good night's sleep, and because lack of sleep where has negative effects on health and its performance is also affected the next day.

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Talking about the treatment of snoring, Dr. Iqbal said that its treatment consists of 24 hours, in which the patient's sleep condition is monitored by various machines.

For this reason, the cause of snoring is observed by inserting a camera inside his body during sleep, and then it is treated.

In addition to this, another method of treatment is to reduce the number of various medicines that a snorer takes. Also, by reducing the weight of overweight people, snoring can be reduced by 80%.

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