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13 reasons your Brain may be affected - Health-Teachers

1: Domestic violence has the same dangerous effect on children's minds as it does on a soldier's mind during a war.

13 reasons your Brain may be affected - Health-Teachers

We all want a healthy and functioning brain because the brain gives us the ability to live and think and understand but sometimes some external forces affect the functioning of our brain.

Some of which increase brain activity while some powers In today's article you can read about some of these things and try to protect yourself from them.

1: Domestic violence has the same dangerous effect on children's minds as it does on a soldier's mind during a war.

2: Forgetting things is good for the brain. Eliminating unnecessary information helps maintain the functioning of the nervous system.

3: According to scientists, abstinence from food forces the brain to eat on its own.

4: Chronic stress can reduce and weaken your brain prematurely.

5: If the brain is deprived of oxygen for 5 to 10 minutes, it can be completely paralyzed.

6: Research has shown that a small amount of energy changes a person's ability to think and empathize.

7: "Sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia" is a scientific term used for frozen brains.

8: The brain is not divided into inverted and straight sections and it continues to function simultaneously.

9: The aroma of chocolate enhances theta waves in the brain and softens it.

10: With the use of alcohol, a person does not forget anything, but at that time, the brain only temporarily suspends the creation of memory.

11: The mind feels rejection like physical pain.

12: By the age of 40, your brain is constantly evolving and now it's up to you how you keep it active.

13: Lack of sleep attacks the brain in a variety of ways, leading to a loss of ability to make decisions and a slow reaction.

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