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Health from Honey - Health-Teachers

Honey has been used as a medicine and food since ancient times. Before the invention of beetroot sugar, honey was used for sweetening. Honey is also an effective type of disinfectant. But Mehr Sabit has acknowledged that germs cannot survive in honey.

Modern medicine (aloe vera system of medicine) is based on the theory of germs. Due to its antiseptic properties, honey not only protects against bacterial diseases but also prevents germs from surviving in it. One of the virtues of honey is that it has a quick effect. 

The Roman historian Plutarch wrote of the ancient British people that the reason for their longevity was the abundant use of honey. Ancient philosophers considered honey to have longevity. It has been observed that people in the areas where honey is used have a long life.

Health from Honey - Health-Teachers

In this context, the Central Asian country of Azerbaijan can be mentioned. According to Dr. GNW Thomas of Edinburgh, Scotland, many people with dyspepsia also have heart disease. I tested honey and found it to be a wonderful nutrient that corrects irregular heartbeat and strengthens the patient.

Renowned nutritionist Dr. Arnold Arnold explained the benefits of honey and its uses. In his book Modern Nutrition, Dr. J. H. Cage, Chief of the Greek Department of Hygiene, writes: In a chronic illness, such as measles or pneumonia, the patient's digestion is impaired. 

American Dr. Clinton Jarvis De Forest Clinton Jarvis says that if the body is low in minerals, the easiest way to supplement it is to mix the same amount of honey with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. It cures asthma and many ailments from childhood to old age, as well as skin diseases.

Russians use honey-based salo to treat burns. Sometimes. Honey is also good for keeping the body healthy and the skin glowing. Here are some more benefits of honey.

Russians use honey-based salo to treat burns. Sometimes. Honey is also good for keeping the body healthy and the skin glowing. Here are some more benefits of honey.

Transparent skin

Honey is a powerful antioxidant, meaning that regular consumption of honey helps to flush out most toxins from the body. The antiseptic properties of honey help to make the skin clear and smooth.

Weight loss

If a person is worried about gaining weight, medical experts recommend that sugar foods be removed from the diet, and honey be added. This is because the sweetness in honey is different from sugar which improves metabolism and is useful for weight loss.

Decreased cholesterol levels

Honey is a food rich in nutrients and vitamins that lower dangerous cholesterol levels. Daily consumption of honey helps maintain the level of antioxidants that fight high cholesterol.

Healthy heart

Medical research reports have shown that the antioxidants in honey protect the arteries from constriction, narrowing the arteries can lead to heart failure, memory loss, or headaches, however, two to three tablespoons daily with a glass of water The use of honey is useful to prevent this problem.

Better memory

Some medical research reports have shown that honey can fight stress. It restores the immune system which helps in improving memory. Calcium in honey is easily absorbed in the brain which has beneficial effects on brain functions. 


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