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How to lose weight Fast - Health-Teachers

How to lose weight Fast - Health-Teachers

Doctors have found that too much sugar, sugar, and sweets are a major cause of obesity. For example, experts say that, unlike cocaine and heroin, sugar has long been used and accepted by the culture. People use it without any fear because there are no legal restrictions on it.

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It is difficult to avoid sugar because it is present in different forms in the body. It doesn't matter how much sugar is taken, nothing will change.

We need to be careful about eating anything sugary. Whether it's sugar, potatoes, or something like that. White sugar has no energy and contains calories.

Despite the abundance of energy, it results in obesity. The body is unable to use it. Despite a little activity and good physical health, he can't use the calories from sugar properly, so his liver converts the extra calories into fat to make specific blood cells.

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This is how obesity accumulates in our bodies. The role of the liver Because a can of cold drink contains nine teaspoons of sugar, which our body can only absorb from one and a half to two at a time, our liver is bound to store the extra sweetness as fat.

Before that happens, however, our body begins a process in which our pancreas has to make more insulin to absorb this extra sweetness.

We may eventually have type 2 diabetes. Undoubtedly, sugar and other sweets improve our mood. We use sweets to increase our cravings for sweets and holiday joys.

 In terms of mood, sugar helps our brain make serotonin, also called the "happiness hormone" because of its positive effects on human nature.

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It is interesting to note that eating sweets have positive effects even if you are feeling sad and depressed. However, you should not rule out the negative side of sweetness. Looks like it should take extra hours.

Our pancreas gets tired of making insulin on the one hand. On the other hand, as some blood cells become accustomed to insulin, they lose the ability to absorb sweets effectively.

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Eat sweets sometimes, but avoid making them a habit. Diabetes and obesity are caused by overeating and drug abuse. Yet, you can stop yourself. Reduce the amount you eat as much as you can. 

It will make you happy. Flour products are also prominent. It is best to make a diet plan using these foods under the guidance of your doctor.

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