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Back Pain an affliction, a distress - Health-Teachers

Back Pain an affliction, a distress - Health-Teachers

We need to keep in mind that an injury to any part of the body can also cause back pain. Or the environment can also cause back pain. The restlessness and restlessness caused by back pain can be like the blow of a sharp dagger and can also be in the form of a light bite.

The habit of leaning down can also be dangerous for your back. Sitting motionless for long periods of time can also cause strains in your back veins, muscles, and back. Maybe, but if sitting for a long time has become part of your habit, take some time to follow these steps.

Make a slight incline in your back and lean back on your chair and sit comfortably with your feet straight on the floor, so that sitting will protect your back from strain and stiffness.

Remember, it doesn't matter how much weight you carry, it matters how you carry the load. Of course, you can't bear the weight of an overweight item. The correct way to do this is to first sit close to the weighted object, then keep your back straight and your head high, then lift the weighted object while standing with pressure on your legs.

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When lifting weights, make sure that your back is not bent, as bending or bending the body when lifting a heavy object can be harmful to the back. Similarly, lifting a pencil that has fallen on the floor while sitting on a chair.

Bending or bending the body at any time can be dangerous for the back. When you sit in a chair and work on the computer, keep your back straight. Keep your back straight, otherwise, your spine may be damaged.

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