Depression Is The Killer Of Human Happiness - Health-Teachers

Depression Is The Killer Of Human Happiness - Health-Teachers

People with depression have a constant fear of any tragic event or thing. We all know very well that sorrow and happiness are an integral part of our lives. If there are no sorrows, it is not possible to recognize happiness.

The sign of being healthy is that we accept the facts and continue the journey of finding happiness in the face of any bitter or tragic event, but it is not possible to do so during depression. Pain and anxiety are permanently imposed on the patient with this disease.

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Medical experts say that depression is not a common disease but a biological disease like diabetes. However, the difference is that the symptoms of this disease are psychological. This is actually due to the biochemical changes in the human mind that make it frustrating and boring with life.

According to a common observation, every section of society is equally affected by this disease. Even the very rich and the extremely poor suffer from it. Whether they have a mental problem or a mental illness. Only ten percent of people consider it not only a disease but also consider it necessary to get treatment.

Depression Is The Killer Of Human Happiness - Health-Teachers

We have fewer men and more women with depression. One in four women and one in seven men suffer from this disease.

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Some people think that women whose husbands have a low income or whose economic situation is very bad have a higher risk of depression.

But in the opinion of doctors, this idea is not correct because many upper-class women do not face any kind of financial problems but suffer from depression more than low-income women.

Doctors say there should be no shame in acknowledging that it is not so easy to bring depression patients back to a hopeful life. People with illnesses need treatment, attention, and love, just as people with depression have a right to it.

Depression is probably the only country in the world where depression is considered a disease of insanity and going to a psychiatrist is strictly forbidden. The patient does not want to cause any problems for the family, he keeps hearing the silent and painful voices inside himself.

Women in particular are unable to understand their illness and other members of the family, including the husband, are not ready to admit that they are sick. Such efforts are also resisted. As a result, women are unable to know their disease and the disease continues to grow due to a lack of timely diagnosis.

It has often been observed that women start treating themselves with sleeping pills. Another scary aspect of us is that you can take any medicine from a medical store without a doctor's prescription.

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According to doctors, during depression, the body's immune system also suffers from severe pressure. In this condition, the patient's heartbeat becomes abnormally fast, and blood pressure, insulin, and cholesterol levels increase.

Depression Is The Killer Of Human Happiness - Health-Teachers

Even blood clotting starts to form rapidly. As a result, people can face many deadly diseases besides heart disease.

The causes of depression vary from person to person. There are many forms and degrees of depression, but three types of depression are more common in our country.

The social life of patients with major depression is severely affected and their treatment takes a long time. However, it is encouraging that all depression is treatable. But it would be very good to get timely treatment from a doctor.

Experts believe that there are more reasons for depression in women than in men. The main reason is that women are deprived of social support to a great extent while men are slightly different. They talk openly about their business problems, domestic problems, and even marital issues. The victims remain.

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