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Disadvantages of AC that you may not be aware of - Health-Teachers

Drawbacks of AC that you may not be aware of - Health-Teachers

In summer, most people can't live without an air conditioner (AC), but this machine that provides cool air also worries many people that spending too much time in front of it is not harmful.

According to medical experts, if you are running an AC in a place where the ventilation system is poor, it can cause symptoms like headache, dry cough, dizziness, nausea, concentration, and fatigue.

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ACS absorbs moisture from the air in a room to cool the area. During this process, your skin's moisture can be affected and it dries out. The chances of getting dry increase. As a result, they may experience itching and, in rare cases, blurred vision.

Research reports have shown that spending more time in a cool place can help reduce body weight. If you spend more time in an air-conditioned room, the body dissolves more fat to cope with it. This condition can be treated with an air conditioner even in hot weather but it is more effective in winter.

Drawbacks of AC that you may not be aware of - Health-Teachers

A 2018 study from Harvard University found that students who live in hostels without AC in hot weather perform more poorly than those who live in AC in mental tests.

Research reports have shown that people who work in air-conditioned buildings are more likely to have respiratory problems such as sore throats or difficulty breathing.

If the AC is installed in a place that is not well cared for or cleaned, the risk of headaches or migraines is even higher. According to scientists, people who spend a lot of time in front of the AC, It is more difficult for them to withstand hot weather. That is, the lower the temperature of the AC, the harder it will be to withstand the heat and humidity outside the walls.

If you do not take care of the cleanliness of the AC, it becomes the home of allergy germs, which results in the form of various types of allergies. Experts say that in a cold room, the body needs more sleep This is easily possible, but it requires maintaining a certain AC temperature.

Air conditioners can have some side effects, but there is no doubt that this machine can be life-saving when the weather is too hot. Once the body temperature exceeds 102 degrees Fahrenheit, there is a risk of heatstroke. While other symptoms such as vomiting, dizziness, fainting, and others may occur.

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