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Do Exercise daily and stay healthy - Health-Teachers

Do Exercise daily and stay healthy - Health-Teachers

Exercise increases the body's hormone iris, which protects against many diseases, including Alzheimer's. We know that no food or medicine in the world can replace exercise, and now experts have stated another great importance of exercise.


The body releases a hormone that prevents Alzheimer's disease, the root cause of many mental illnesses. According to Fernina de Felika of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, when we exercise regularly, the body secretes a hormone called "irisone" which is released from the muscles and enters the bloodstream. This hormone is found more in men and women who exercise, and less in those who exercise.

Do Exercise daily and stay healthy - Health-Teachers

When experts tried to test this hormone on mice, surprising discoveries were made. As soon as the mice were deficient in iris, their memory was affected and they began to have difficulty in learning and understanding.

Alzheimer's was developed in rats, but Irison's signals were blocked from progressing, resulting in the loss of the benefits of exercise to their brains.

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Dr Rosa Sancho, an Alzheimer's specialist in the UK, said that physical exertion and exercise improve the brain, especially in the elderly, and that research has shown the biological effects of exercise.

Experts say that regular exercise can save you from many mental illnesses in the future and that is why Alzheimer's patients are given drugs that increase the production and supply of irisin in the body.

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