Don't Be Afraid Of Cancer - Health-Teachers

Don't Be Afraid Of Cancer - Health-Teachers

Cancer is not new. However, people are still afraid of it. The fact is that not all cancers are fatal and life-threatening. Many cancers are such that they can be eradicated if they are detected early and treated early.

Unfortunately, patients are not aware of this disease. One of my patients is Ali, who is 68 years old. Near their feet (TESTICULAR REGION) a lump appeared. They did not take it lightly. He thought that if a grain came out, it would heal on its own.

A few blows passed in this indifference. They came to me with a complaint of lower back pain. He said that his lower abdomen has become heavy. They have a cough with a mixture of blood.

I instructed them to get a laboratory test done immediately and also bring an ultrasound report. When all the reports came in, it was found that there was a tumor near their feet that had spread to the lungs. I recommend chemotherapy and a tumor specialist checkup. I also told him that I wish you would come to me at the time when you realized that you had become a gummy, so it could be overcome very well. Thankfully, Ali recovered in a few months.

I instruct all my patients to get their medical examination done every month. Don't overlook anything unusual. As soon as prostate cancer develops, the urinary system begins to malfunction or affect the abdominal muscles. The disease usually occurs after the age of fifty.

Another patient of mine is Salman, who is 30 years old. They came to me and said that they have been infected in the urethra. I suggested that he have a test and he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. They were by no means ready to accept that. He said that he was young so he could not get the disease. I explained to him that I instruct all my patients to complete their monthly tests.

Someone in his family may have contracted the disease and inherited it. To keep fit and healthy, it is important to eat fruits and vegetables daily, exercise regularly, and get medical checkups every month. Illnesses stayed away from you.

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