Don't Let Your Blood Pressure Rise - Health-Teachers

Don't Let Your Blood Pressure Rise - Health-Teachers

The most common cause of heart disease in Asia is high blood pressure, but very few people know about it or not at all. According to a 1996 survey by the Malaysian National Health Service, 33% of Malaysians suffer from high blood pressure, but very few people are aware that they have the condition.

High blood pressure alone does not kill anyone, but when it becomes more complex, we get closer to death, we are at risk of heart attack or stroke, or our kidneys stop working.

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This is when the heart begins to pump excess blood into the arteries or when the blood flow in the arteries becomes obstructed, says Dr. Philip Chua when it comes to blood pressure.

One million people in the Philippines currently suffer from high blood pressure.

Goh Punk Ping, a doctor at Singapore's General Hospital, says a large number of patients are unaware of high blood pressure.

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With high blood pressure, one side of the body feels less stressed, vision becomes less stressed, there is chest pain, or there is chest tightness when breathing.

High blood pressure is usually diagnosed when a patient consults a physician about another illness.

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It is a family disease because the family lifestyle is unhealthy, which includes smoking excessive coffee or eating too much salt.

Keep your blood pressure checked regularly, keep taking your medication regularly, and change your lifestyle. Keep taking medicine even when blood pressure is normal. If any of the above symptoms are bothering you, consult your doctor immediately. Be sure to check your blood pressure regularly, do not neglect it, otherwise in case of complications, it can even kill you.

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