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Easy treatment for hemorrhoids - Health-Teachers

When the disease gets old, it keeps dripping. There are two types of hemorrhoids. One is called hemorrhoids and the other is known as hemorrhoids. In

Easy treatment for hemorrhoids - Health-Teachers

There are two types of hemorrhoids. One is called hemorrhoids and the other is known as hemorrhoids. In hemorrhoids become red warts inside and outside the anus.

Due to constipation, you have to apply pressure while defecating, due to which blood is released due to pressure.

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When the disease gets old, it keeps dripping. It causes severe pain. And the patient's sitting also doubles. Weakness due to bleeding. And inflammation in the anus.

In hemorrhoids, the warts are outside the anus. There are always gas-like symptoms in the abdomen. Hemorrhoids cause pain in the joints, back, and knees.

The color of the face and body becomes dull. Yellow color due to lack of blood Hemorrhoids also cause irritation and itching in the anus and stool comes from constipation. Hemorrhoids do not bleed.


• The leading cause of hemorrhoids is constipation, also called Umm Al-Maraz.

• This disease also affects those who work long hours.

• The use of hot chili spices can also cause this disease.

• Alcohol also causes this disease.

• Excessive use of hot and dry items also causes hemorrhoids.

• Eat plenty of meat and kebabs.

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• Use figs daily. Must eat at least three grains.

• Do not allow constipation. For this, you must drink at least four glasses of water.

Homeopathic Remedies:

Put five drops of Collinsonia 30 in two sips of water and use it in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

Hema Miles Q is the best medicine for hemorrhoids. When the blood turns black and there is inflammation in the anus, this medicine helps to stop the bleeding. Mix twenty drops of this medicine in a little water and use it externally. Take Mills 30 tablets four times a day.

• Aloe vera 30 If you have severe constipation, then use this medicine three times a day by mixing five drops in two sips of water.

For dry or bad hemorrhoids:

• Use five drops of Aesculus Hip 3x in two sips of water.

• Mix twenty drops of Plantago Major Q in any lotion and apply on warts in the morning and evening.


Completely avoid fried, hot and dry foods, tea, coffee, meat, and alcohol.

Use water, vegetables, and fruits as much as possible.

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