Easy Way to Fill Facial Pits and Wrinkles - Health-Teachers

Easy Way to Fill Facial Pits and Wrinkles - Health-Teachers

Fat grafting is a natural way to fill in facial pits and wrinkles without using factors such as cutting, removing, stretching, and unnatural skin to rejuvenate the skin. Is brought.

Fat grafting is gaining popularity among more and more patients and it is also easy because most people of average weight have a lot of fat tissue in their body which is used in fat grafting.

And since in this field, This is happening very fast, if you make up your mind about fat grafting, do thorough research on your doctor as many therapists may be unaware of this modern technique and method.

What is fat grafting?

Easy Way to Fill Facial Pits and Wrinkles - Health-Teachers

Fat grafting is also called facial fat restoration, fat transfer, grafting or transfer of one's own fat, micro lipo injection, or fat injection. For convenience, we will call it fat grafting.

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Fat grafting is a process that involves taking a small amount of fat from a part of the body and putting that fat where it is needed. Lines to the nose, under the eyes, on the cheeks, and other parts of your body can also be implanted. Problems can be treated and solved.

The fat/fat taken from your own body is perfect for the fat grafting process. Since this fat is soft and pure, it does not cause any problems for the body's immune system.

This fat is obtained from the part which includes the abdomen, and liposuction can also be done to get this fat. The success of fat grafting depends on a number of factors, including where fat is obtained. How was it treated? How was fat injected? How much fat was injected and most importantly the question of how your body accepted that fat after the injection.

Whose fat grafting is possible?

Suitable for fat grafting is a person who is healthy, does not suffer from any disease and has not suffered from any contagious disease in the past and who is mentally aware that after fat grafting sometimes as desired.

There are no results. Fat grafting can help you look younger, but it doesn't change your life anymore. This thinking is not realistic when it comes to change.

Before having a fat grafting, you should talk to your doctor in detail so that he or she can better understand what you want. Get to the point. If your wounds heal late, it is best not to undergo fat grafting.

The most popular parts for fat grafting

Fat grafting can be done on any part of the face and body, however, the most common treatment is the area under the eyes, the areas where tears pass under the eyes, cheeks, chin, lips, and jawline.

The jawline is the area between the forehead and the eyebrows. Fat grafting is also used to fill scars and on the sternum between the hips and chest, called the sternum.

There should be blood circulation in the area of ​​the body where the fat grafting is being done and there should be capillaries or capillaries and large blood vessels in the area so that the fat cells/cells injected there can grow and grow on their own. Build a blood flow system. This blood circulation is the key to achieving the longest and best and most lasting results.

How is fat grafting done?

This method involves both the donor site [where the fat is taken from] and the treatment site [the site to be treated]. And sterile saline injections may be given [note that the use of these drugs depends on the nature of the treatment].

Depending on the nature of the treatment, sedatives and anesthesia are used. Remember that the fat that is taken from the donor site is treated regularly and the dead blood cells, waste fat, and unnecessary items are removed from it and the fat is injected in its pure form.

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