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Eating Sleeping Pills Are Dangerous For Your Health - Health-Teachers

Eating Sleeping Pills Are Dangerous For Your Health - Health-Teachers

As a psychiatrist, I carefully examine my patients and find out their detailed conditions, which require me to prescribe sleeping pills for them. One patient recently told me, "My sister takes a green pill when she suffers from dementia, which benefits her".

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He has also given me pills to eat several times, which has given me relief. One day I asked him to write the names of these pills for me so that whenever I have insomnia, I can take those pills. ”Unless patients are in dire need, Does not prescribe sleeping pills for, no matter how much they insist and give arguments for it.

Eating Sleeping Pills Are Dangerous For Your Health - Health-Teachers

Despite this, many patients do not stop taking sleeping pills, in other countries, medicine cannot be obtained from medical stores without the advice and prescription of a doctor, but many people in their homeland can easily take medicine without a prescription. Can buy And can buy as much as he wants.

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The trend of buying medicines without a prescription is increasing day by day and the situation has arisen that not only there is a shortage of medicines in the market, but also their prices are increasing.

The trend of self-diagnostic sedatives is on the rise as people suffer from sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, and anxiety disorders. People start taking sleeping pills to get rid of these disorders immediately. Gradually they become addicted to it and they cannot sleep without taking such medicine. When they become addicted, such people increase the amount of medicine.

Eating Sleeping Pills Are Dangerous For Your Health - Health-Teachers

Unintentional consumption of sedatives and their addiction is now becoming a common thing, their quantity is also being increased indiscriminately. One patient told me: "I was mentally disturbed and couldn't sleep because of them. So I took two sleeping pills, but they didn't help me sleep, so I took two more pills.

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Some of these lucky people are such that they start falling asleep after taking sleeping pills, otherwise it also happens that they do not fall asleep and new diseases start appearing and they have to go to the hospital in an emergency. Their blood pressure drops and they have difficulty breathing, but their minds also become distracted.

Such drugs also have many side effects, including memory loss and anxiety. Older people in an emotional state also get into an accident. Psychologically, they also suffer from mental disorders. As a result, their condition worsens day by day and they become depressed and anxious.

Avoid self-diagnosis and see a doctor if you have a condition. Do healthy activities and light exercise regularly, the problem of sleep will be solved.

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