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Exercise and sexual ability - Health-Teachers

Exercise and sexual ability - Health-Teachers

The immediate effect of exercise on your sexual performance is the recurrence of sexual activity at short intervals and the elevation of the quality of your limbs, which can lead to emotional turmoil. Takes place. Your performance will also be lower if you are tired and overwhelmed.

But it's not just about sensitive machinery. Sex is a game of strength and endurance that studies your muscular, brain, and cardiovascular system, which is why you feel a little tired afterward. But the most noticeable functional effect is that there is a temporary increase in both blood circulation and blood pressure and if you do not fit, you will fail to pay it off perfectly.

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One day the wife of a Spanish language professor named Alberto came to me and told me her story. Alberto suffers from severe depression. After teaching, researching, and working on various committees, he comes home at night to write a book. He usually falls asleep on the table because he is so tired. But when he tries to sleep, sleep runs away from him.

Exercise and sexual ability - Health-Teachers

Our marital relationship lasted only until the first year of marriage. Now, except for the holidays, I have a feeling of deprivation. Can you help me with that, I said send Alberto to me.

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He came the next day and I included him in my fitness program. In which each professor was instructed to do some gymnastics-like activities and swimming, in addition, to exercise as per his need.

Swimming would make the program a little longer. Alberto was not given anything special for his sexual weakness because he did not need it. With just a few weeks' courses, he recovered. His wife was very happy and grateful to me.

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Alberto got new energy and a special sense of masculinity. His dysfunctional muscles became active and strong again and he could not help but look at himself in the mirror.

Exercise and sexual ability - Health-Teachers

When a person loses mobility due to a heart attack or some other debilitating condition, he does not consider himself fully healthy until his sexual ability is restored. If he can't have sex, he doesn't feel well until his sexual ability is restored. When he can do that, everything starts to look good.

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Even in healthy people, the measure of masculinity or femininity is sexual ability. It is also possible that a healthy person "immune to disease" may not be sexually fit, and surprisingly the opposite is possible. In my vast experience, exercise significantly reduces the incidence of dementia in older people, and the better the fitness, the more satisfying the sexual ability.

Even if old age has come. If you like yourself as a human being, it will be just as easy to connect with others. You will want people to look at you with admiring eyes, to come closer to you, and build relationships with you. If you don't have a good impression of yourself, you will only have traits that affect others, which is commonly called sexual attraction.

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Even just a little bit of exercise can give you a lot of happiness in life, such as looking younger, feeling better, and maybe getting older than not exercising. On the contrary, by not exercising, you are risking needing others. Because whenever you need a little physical effort, you will be forced to look at others.

Exercise and sexual ability - Health-Teachers

And if no one comes to your aid, you will be overwhelmed by the feeling of deprivation. I think such an idea is horrible and horrible. What do you think Yes, your life will be much better if you have an alternative environment to the above situation. As your physical health improves, your heart will automatically want to exercise. So that fitness can be achieved.

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And nature, with great generosity, has endowed man with the wonderful ability to adapt to the environment so that in just a few days you will be so fit that you will not have to face failure in the face of the physical ordeal.

If you think that in addition to feeling better and looking better, maybe longevity is not enough, then consider that exercise is the only way by which you can be free from this excess fat and obesity in the future. But can save lives. You have made a beautiful soul by being lazy and sluggish.

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