Exercise Increases the Age in Old Age - Health-Teachers

Exercise Increases the Age in Old Age - Health-Teachers
According to a new study, regular exercise in old age increases the life expectancy by as much as quitting smoking. An analysis of 5,700 weak people in Norway found that those who exercised for three hours a week.

He lived five years longer than those who did not move. The author of the study wrote in the British Journal of Sports Medicine that a campaign should be launched to encourage the elderly to stay fit.

The study comes as a charity warns that people are less likely to exercise. A study by the Oslo University Hospital found that both strenuous and light exercise can improve life. Was found to be more likely. In the UK, people over the age of 65 are officially advised to do 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week.

A Norwegian study, which included people aged 68 to 77, found that light exercise of less than an hour a week had no effect. An 11-year study found that any type of exercise, from light to strenuous or moderate exercise for hours, reduced the risk of death by 40%.
Exercise Increases the Age in Old Age - Health-Teachers
To do Public health strategies for people with disabilities should include efforts to increase physical activity, such as reducing smoking. What is not considered in this report is that people The Heart Foundation in the United Kingdom has warned in a report that people are exercising too little.

According to the report, the rate of moderate exercise among adults is as follows: Portugal 69%, Poland 55%. France 46 UK 44%, Germany 26%, the Netherlands has a better rating and only 14% of people there do not exercise moderately. Julie Ward of the charity says regular physical exercise is good for your heart health and It can help you live longer regardless of your age.
However, the latest figures show that half of the people in the UK do not exercise moderately and this is higher than in many European countries. Our message is that even if you exercise for ten minutes, it will also be beneficial and that more dynamic changes in your daily routine can also improve your heart health.
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