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Fragrant delicious coffee - Health-Teachers

Fragrant delicious coffee - Health-Teachers

So this lack of coffee keeps them exhausted and restless all day long, but those who enjoy their Morning Cup, that is, those who are eager to drink a cup of coffee, if they are asked if they follow these rules. Called "Coffee Laws", they will start to look at you in amazement.

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The words "coffee law or coffee drinking rules" will be as surprising to you as it was to you. Where did the rules come from when drinking espresso, lathe, moka and cappchino?

But sir, this is one hundred percent true about drinking coffee and even from a medical point of view there are some unspoken laws. Some people think that this is also called a myth.

Whatever the reason, in the article under review we are providing useful information regarding coffee drinking which will be very useful for your health if you remember holding a hot mug of coffee.

Fragrant delicious coffee - Health-Teachers

Does keeping coffee in the freezer keep coffee fresh?

I've often seen women freeze jars of coffee in the fridge or freezer. They do this probably because they think that keeping coffee in the fridge or freezer can keep its grains fresh for a long time. In fact, it is such a big mistake that it can ruin your precious coffee.

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In fact, coffee beans, which have the potential to be extremely fragrant, have a greater ability to absorb any odor than their fragrance, no matter how full the airtight the jar you are putting the coffee in.

Or even if you haven't opened the jar or broken its seal, the aroma of garlic, ginger, fruit, fish and meat in your fridge can easily be transferred to it and just imagine How would you feel if you drank coffee that smelled like fish?

Is it OK to heat enough in the microwave?

You made two cups of coffee, one for yourself and one for your friend, but during the conversation you didn't feel like drinking coffee. Run to warm the coffee.

But wait! You are going to commit the biggest sin of coffee kingdom. The aroma and taste of coffee is destroyed by chemical changes after ripening and cooling, and if you are foolish enough to reheat coffee in the microwave oven, remember this The cup will inadvertently make you sick with acidity.

Crack Coffee Like Crack Tea!

Bitter, I mean people who like strong tea, when they make tea, they fill it with tea leaves and turn it over and then enjoy this strong tea, but there is no room for any such unprincipledness in making coffee. Remember a golden rule of making 1 tablespoon of coffee is enough for one cup of coffee.

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Yes, if the number of cups increases, then the amount of coffee spoons can also be increased keeping in view the previous ratio. If you don't like it, you will still be able to feel the taste of "strong coffee" by reducing the use of milk and sugar in coffee.

Good Or Bad For Health

Fragrant delicious coffee - Health-Teachers

The issue has long been debated among nutritionists, medical experts and researchers, and many manufacturing companies.

The only evidence that has come to light in support of coffee is linked to a feature that helps protect the body against type II diabetes, Parkinson's disease and dementia, as well as asthma attacks. It also helps protect against skin diseases or skin cancer and prostate cancer.

Is caffeine filter in espresso more than plain coffee?

Parents whose children feel that breakfast is incomplete because of espresso coffee at breakfast should know that a hot cup of coffee brings a pleasant morning and a full of life.

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An average espresso coffee cup contains 30-50 mg of caffeine, while a 12-ounce cup contains 200 mg of caffeine. This is because of the time it takes to brew coffee beans and make espresso. After brewing for 20-30 minutes, water is added so that every drop of a cup full of coffee smells like coffee.

These and many other similar facts and assumptions will be mentioned in future issues, God willing.

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