Hair Beautiful With Olive Oil, Beautiful Face - Health-Teachers

Hair Beautiful With Olive Oil, Beautiful Face - Health-Teachers

It has been said for centuries that olive oil is very beneficial and healthy and there is no doubt about it. We don't usually use olive oil for cooking, but nowadays it is used as a beautiful decoration. Olive oil is now becoming a "beauty product".

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Just as it benefits our body internally, it also benefits our body externally. One benefit of it is our skin and the other benefit is our hair. Applying olive oil to the hair properly makes the hair shiny, soft, and beautiful. If used properly, olive oil can be the best conditioner for hair.

The procedure is simple, but the benefits are many. One of the benefits of olive oil is that it not only keeps hair healthy but also makes it look attractive by creating a natural shine in it.

Olive oil is also soothing. It resists the chemicals in creams and lotions that are applied to the hair to straighten or dye it and damage the hair.

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Four days a week, apply a small amount of olive oil to the palm of your hand and apply it to your hair. If your scalp stays dry, massage it with olive oil for a long time. ۔ Now wrap the hair well and tie it or wear a cape.

Rest in this position for half an hour. During this time the oil will show its effect and reach the roots of the hair. Now wash your hair thoroughly with standard shampoo.

Apply a small amount of the conditioner you use to your hair. You will find that the oil has made your hair very soft and shiny and it has become so flexible that you can not only easily style your hair, but also give it any style you want.

If your scalp is dry, apply olive oil to the scalp at night while sleeping, so that the oil is absorbed into the scalp. In this way, the straw husks will flower well and be ready to be separated from the skin. In the morning, wash your head with lukewarm water, this will remove the dryness. Do this at least two or three times a week to completely eliminate the drought.

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Dryness refers to straw-like white scales on the scalp, which accumulate in the hair and then fall to the shoulders in the form of particles. In addition to damaging dry hair, it also looks bad and is a serious enemy of hair health.

Hair Beautiful With Olive Oil, Beautiful Face - Health-Teachers

Generally, dryness is the result of physical weakness or anemia. When the body's immune system is weakened, the glands that produce fat under the skin lose their balance, and the amount of fluid they secrete increases.

The same moisture accumulates on the skin like a thin membrane and then cracks into small peels, which is called dryness. Massage with olive oil is the best treatment.

The weather also affects the hair. In the rainy season, the hair is tangled. The cold starts and the hair becomes coarse. If the hair is already dry and dull, it becomes more dry and dull in the rainy and cold seasons.

Always massage with olive oil to keep hair soft and shiny. Olive oil is the best food and medicine for hair.

Winter begins. Start massaging olive oil in the hair. Massage olive oil into hair every second or third day. Massage before going to bed at night and wash your hair with lukewarm water in the morning or wash your hair with lukewarm water in the morning or massage your hair with warm oil in the morning, pay more attention to the ends of the hair, ie the tips of the hair.

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After massaging, cover the hair with a cloth or wrap it so that the oil temperature is maintained. After 45 minutes, wash the hair with a good shampoo. Your hair will be clean, soft, and shiny.

In addition to hair, olive oil is also good for the skin. With the onset of winter, the problem for dry-skinned women begins. Such women should take olive oil and massage their faces.

Gentle massage with light hands relaxes the skin and also removes the dryness of the skin. Olive oil is a natural treatment for the skin, which makes the skin healthy and beautiful. Give it a try, olive oil is great for decoration.

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