Harmful Effects of Air Pollution on Health - Health-Teachers

Harmful Effects of Air Pollution on Health - Health-Teachers

According to a report by the World Health Organization, after exposure to air pollution, we are at risk of suffering from many diseases, such as respiratory problems, heart disease, lung cancer, etc. Our health is affected by air pollution. Is. A series of sneezes and coughs begin. This condition can affect the heart in the long run.

We have to take four medicines and go to the doctors' clinics. Then when he does not recover after being admitted to the hospital, the patient dies prematurely.

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As mentioned above, air pollution causes many diseases, but it affects the respiratory system very quickly, and then comes a heart attack.

The extent to which air pollution affects an individual depends on the extent to which he or she lives in pollution, his or her physical condition, and has not been affected by hereditary pollution.

Ozone, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide usually affect air pollution. The number of deaths due to internal and external pollution has reached 3.3 million worldwide.

In developing countries, children under the age of five are more vulnerable and are dying.

Harmful Effects of Air Pollution on Health - Health-Teachers

Effects on the heart

Air pollution increases the risk of stroke, especially in people in developing countries. A recent study found that women are more likely to suffer from anemia due to air pollution, but they do not have a stroke that increases the risk of bleeding. Air pollution also affects the arteries of the heart.

Possible effects of cancer

A study in Denmark found that people who live in areas with high levels of nitrogen dioxide are more likely to develop lung cancer, including brain cancer and lower cervical cancer. Includes cervical cancer.

Impact on children

In countries where air pollution is on the rise, children are also being affected. They are suffering from asthma, pneumonia, and respiratory diseases. Precautions are being taken to ensure the health of children.

In New Delhi, India, COMPRESSED natural gases are being used instead of diesel to control the harmful effects of smoldering buses.

WHO (World Health Organization) Report

According to the World Health Organization, these diseases are more prevalent in developing countries and where poverty is high. In Egypt, Sudan, Mongolia, and Indonesia, for example, the United States enacted a law to keep the atmosphere clean, but in 1979, 146 million Americans living in polluted environments became infected.

They were exposed to ozone, nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, and lead, which are added to vehicle smoke. Children usually live more in the open air, so air pollution affects them more.

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