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How can old age be delayed? Health-Teachers

How can old age be delayed? Health-Teachers

Despite the easy way out, we still think about how to prevent aging. In fact, youth is the name of limb flexibility. As time goes by, it decreases which eventually leads to old age. Maintaining the same flexibility is the only way to get rid of old age.

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The only way to get rid of old age is to exercise properly. Is remember! Keeping the body active is life and freezing it results in death! Here I will further clarify my point by giving two examples.

1: Many years ago, a NASA engineer underwent various tests and found that his heart muscle was weak. We invited him to our physical training program but he was too busy to attend. Within two weeks, her neighbor's house caught fire.

How can old age be delayed? Health-Teachers

He also ran for help. But because his heart was weak, he fell down, scattering his household goods, and in the chaos, no one thought about when and how he fell and died. His body was later recovered from the gutter. If he had strengthened our hearts by exercising for a few minutes, he would not have suffered this painful end.

2: Another NASA laboratory worker who was very obese and about 55 years old intended to lose weight by following our program. As a result, she lost 30 pounds.

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But the loose, carnivorous lice were still hanging and he felt weak. We put him on our specific light exercise. He soon became so fit that he opted for a driving course where he performed on par with people younger than him and is now a certified diver.

So you summarize how effective exercise can be and how deadly it can be to avoid it. That's why we recommend that you exercise once and for all. The world will change.

Of course, physical age cannot be increased, but it is up to you to make it better. Now choose the path you want for yourself. Whether you look 15 years younger or 15 years older than your actual age is up to you to decide.

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