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How to get soft lips just in few methods - Health-Teachers

How to get soften lips just in few methods - Health-Teachers

Pink lips are considered a symbol of beauty and most poets also praise pink lips in their poems and liken them to rose petals. Today in this article I will try to tell you how to make dark lips pink.

Women should always buy lip products from a good and reputable company. Who doesn't like the beauty of the face as well as the beauty of the lips so everyone wants to make their darker lips look beautiful?

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Dark lips can have many causes, first of all, not caring for the lips, using poor quality lipstick, side effects of medications, hereditary, and any other disease. Don't use lipstick as it will also darken the lips. Even in hot weather, the lips are affected by the sun and turn black.

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Let me tell you now how you can make your lips pink and beautiful but remember one thing whatever is to be applied to the lips should be good and authentic.

• After eating, clean your lips with water and wipe with a clean towel.
In winter, before going to bed, apply Vaseline on the lips and sleep.
• A few drops of lemon juice mixed with rose water improve the color of the lips.
• Applying raw milk of buffalo or cow on the lips is beneficial for chapped lips.
• Applying tomato juice makes the lips pink.
• Applying cucumber or malt slices makes the lips soft and supple.
• Grind fresh rose petals and mix them with milk. Useful for coloring.
• In cold weather, rose petals can be mixed with butter and applied, it will protect your lips from cracking and will become soft.
• Mix three drops of lemon in cream and apply it to the lips, it will not only soften and soften the lips but also remove the dark color
• Honey mixed with almonds daily applied on the lips to make the lips pink.
• Mix glycerin in rose water and use it twice a day.
• Lemon juice mixed with native wax can keep the lips soft.
• Use salads in daily meals.
• Use orange it will make the lips pink.
• In winter, women apply Vaseline before applying lipstick, then clean and use lipstick.
• Grind saffron in milk and mix it and apply it to the lips, the lips will turn pink.
• Excessive use of lipstick reduces the moisture in the lips, so use lipstick with vitamin E.
• Massage desi ghee on the lips before going to bed at night, it also prevents the lips from cracking.
• Applying a mixture of alum and glycerin makes the lips thinner.
• Soaking a few grains of saffron in water at night before going to bed makes the lips thin and pink.
• Drink more water in winter, this process is also useful for your lips.

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