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How To Replenish Body Water - Health-Teachers

How To Replenish Body Water - Health-Teachers

In summer, a person sweats faster, which reduces the number of salts in the body. If these salts fall below their prescribed levels, the human immune system weakens and he becomes ill due to dehydration. In this case, he has to use salt water and beverages to get his body water back to normal.

Due to lack of awareness, the majority of the people are not even aware that in addition to substandard drinks, daily use items can also make up for the lack of water in the body.

1: Cucumber

Vegetables are white vegetable that has a lot of water in them. The best way to use it is to use it as a salad.

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If you want to make cucumber more palatable, you can also use it by putting it in raita and chutney. It is an invaluable gift of summer and helps to get rid of all toxins from the body.

2: Coconut water

During sports, the body secretes salts and electrolytes rapidly through sweat. These salts enter the bloodstream, which restores a certain amount of water in the body. Coconut water is also rich in natural ingredients, to which nature has added a certain amount of salt.

It may not taste so good, but coconut water is a great drink to restore lost energy. Fresh water can also be added to increase its volume.

3: Fruit
How To Replenish Body Water - Health-Teachers

Fruits are also a natural source of salt. "Allah" Almighty has added a certain amount of water to all fruits and only then some fruit juices are drunk with great enthusiasm.

In addition, fruits are rich in potassium and vitamins. Summer, watermelon, and melon are also water-rich fruits, their use helps a lot in replenishing salts in the body.

Allah has stored a lot of water inside the cabbage but we often cut the cabbage and teach it in the sun so that it can be used even after the balance is exhausted in this way, the natural water inside the cabbage dries up so that its nutrition Also ends.

Cabbage not only replenishes body water but also lowers cholesterol and is also a shield against cancer. According to a 2012 study in the United States, cabbage is very useful in eliminating breast cancer.

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