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Mulberry and lychee Health benefits fruit - Health-Teachers

Lychee contains a significant amount of vitamin C. It is usually mixed with pineapple, mango, papaya, and banana to make a sweet lick, which is very t


Mulberry and lychee Health benefits fruit - Health-Teachers
Mulberry comes in two colors one white and the other black. Mulberry is one of the summer fruits. The white variety of mulberry is not white at all but is green. Mulberry is found in Karachi. Black mulberry is more commonly used for treatment.

Eating mulberry eliminates intestinal dryness and also keeps the stomach clean. It removes bad substances from the body, which can cause various diseases.
As summer approaches, nature provides fruits whose eating helps the liver to speed up its work and thus the liver begins to expel the bad substances accumulated in the body. Mulberry is one such fruit. This will clear your blood and keep you safe from boils.

It removes dryness of the brain and brings good sleep and gives happiness and peace to the heart. Most people get a sore throat by eating unhealthy things. Mulberry is the best treatment for this ailment. If you have a sore throat, If you have a sore throat and a cold, eat mulberry or especially black mulberry syrup.
In addition, mix a little salt and coriander with mulberry leaves and boil it and gargle with lukewarm water. I will be significantly reduced, a little alum can be added to it.

The same thing will also be useful to relieve the pain of blisters in the mouth. Mulberry also helps to relieve anxiety, restlessness and irritability. Eating it not only calms the nerves but also calms the heart. The brain is also refreshed. Silkworms thrive on mulberry leaves.

The silkworm shell (Koya) that remains after obtaining silk thread is used in the manufacture of medicine. Apart from Oriental medicine, it is also used in Chinese medicine. Silk yeast is prepared from it. These cocoons are called silk. By adding them to the medicine, the veins are cleansed and opened. Drinking can lower blood pressure.


Mulberry and lychee Health benefits fruit - Health-Teachers
It is taken hand in hand in the markets in the form of bunches. Its rough red skin protects it from dust. If you take off its thin skin, it will be milky in color, with its unique sweetness and aroma. Gets ready to dissolve.

There was a time when lychees were not grown in Pakistan because lychee orchards in the foothills of the Himalayas were in India.
In fact, litchi is a famous fruit in China. Litchi was cultivated in Dehradun region of India and its light sweetness and sourness became very popular.
Now it is being cultivated in Pakistan, but less. Comes in the markets, it because it is counted among the delicate fruits. It has a special fragrance of its own. Now drinks of this fragrance are also being prepared.

Lychee contains a significant amount of vitamin C. It is usually mixed with pineapple, mango, papaya, and banana to make a sweet lick, which is very tasty and energizing. Counted in cold fruits. The nutrients in it have a very good effect on health. Litchi is a very useful fruit, so keep eating it with other fruits.

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