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Read this before putting fruit peels in the trash - Health-Teachers

Read this before putting fruit peels in the trash - Health-Teachers

Most of us often throw fruit and vegetable peels in the trash because we are not aware of their innumerable benefits.

It is also worth mentioning that handling vegetable and fruit peels can not only clean your environment but can also solve problems at home, especially in the kitchen. Tomato peels Tomatoes are used daily in every home cooking, but very few people know that tomato peels are rich in vitamins and salts.

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Make a paste of tomato peels and apply it to the face, it heals the skin affected by sunlight and also brightens the complexion. Lemon peels are considered to be useful for brightening the dishes as well as removing the stench coming from them. Making a paste of lemon peel and applying it on the face not only reduces the spots on the skin but also brightens the complexion.

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At the same time, after putting the lemon peel in the teapot, add hot water in it and leave it for a while and then wash it with clean water. By doing this, the teapot is cleaned and its stench is removed. Apple Peel Most of us eat peeled apples but this is not entirely nutritional because doctors and nutritionists say that apple peels have many benefits.

Read this before putting fruit peels in the trash - Health-Teachers

Apple peels It is better to eat it than to throw it in the trash. Otherwise, you can collect these peels and dry them in sunlight. When these apple peels are dry, you can put them in a glass jar. Boil the dried apple peels well in it and add a few drops of lemon in it and sift it.

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This is the best tea in taste as well as extremely useful for health. Peach peels are full of nutrients. It is considered a fruit and its peels have a property that when applied to the skin keeps it soft and supple. A little sugar on peach peels Applying it and massaging it on the face with light hands will remove the dust from the skin and will also make the skin clear and shiny.

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