Side Effects of Newsprint - Health-Teachers

Side Effects of Newsprint - Health-Teachers

When we buy food from the market, we worry about not knowing what is in it. We should think about how harmful these market foods are being eaten without realizing it, whether they are kebabs, samosas, fritters, or fried fish. The most worrying thing is that most of these food vendors wrap the newspaper in a plastic bag and catch the buyer.

Below we take a look at the health risks of wrapping these foods in newspapers.

Wrapping fried food in the newspaper is harmful to health. No matter how neatly prepared this food is, when it is wrapped in newspaper, it produces toxicity. The reason is very clear. Take dumplings, for example.

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They are extracted from hot oil and absorbed by the buyer with the ink on the newspaper. Newspaper inks are made from chemical ingredients that are very harmful to health. These ingredients can also cause leaf and lung cancer. In addition, the chemical ingredient used to quickly dry the ink used in printing is also harmful to health.

Printing ink is made from a large number of chemical ingredients, most of which are harmful to health. Therefore, market foods should never be wrapped in newsprint.

The students of the school are wrapped in newspapers like fritters, puris, samosas, rolls, and burgers, which have a very bad effect on their health.

There is a need to create awareness among the people about hygiene. In addition, it has been noted that restaurants and stalls in cities put a variety of burgers and soups in plastic bags. These bags are made of polyethylene when hot foods are in them. When added, they are extremely harmful to health. So they should not be used.

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