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What difference does it make whether you exercise or not? Health-Teachers

What difference does it make whether you exercise or not? Health-Teachers

There is a story that a rich woman arrives in a long car at a hotel located as a place of entertainment. The staff runs to pick up her luggage. The baby can't walk? To which the woman says she can walk but thank God she doesn't have to walk.

But she overlooked the fact that anyone who stopped walking would soon be unable to do so. Assuming that someone is provided with a conducive environment, abundant food, and a suitable climate and does not have to do anything, the result is that his fitness falls to such a low level that he can only survive.

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But if all these facilities are taken away from him, he is terrified and thinks that now I have to do something to survive, my work will stop happening automatically.

What difference does it make whether you exercise or not? Health-Teachers

In fact, fitness is the name of preparing oneself more or less according to one's environment, because man has been given a mind by Allah Almighty and he can think, so he can estimate how much he will have to adapt to his environment.

He also knows that by sitting idle he will become weaker and weaker which can be harmful because sometimes it will happen that he has to climb a high place or a tree, face memorable mischief or have to do some difficult work in which What will he do if he needs power?

There was a time when it was thought that physical activity increased the breakdown of body tissues and invited premature aging.

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But time has shown that this is wrong and vice versa. Tissues and the ability to work are enhanced by the movement of the heart, lungs, genitals, and bones. This is how the body becomes accustomed to working more or less.

When you stop working altogether, the muscles become weak and the strength of the body is severely affected. The heart becomes smaller and its performance also becomes weaker.

What difference does it make whether you exercise or not? Health-Teachers

The veins begin to disappear and the body's energy-giving components are lost. The consequences of all this are terrible because the body is not able to cope with any emergency and you can do nothing but worry and regret. In addition, the risks of diabetes, mild heart attack, and stroke seem to linger. Is it all nerve-wracking or not?

The effect of the effects of being active on astronauts is astounding. The astronauts who stayed in space for a week had their bones affected by 10%, while the effect was 15% in two weeks. This raised the question of whether man would ever reach the stars. Will he go there and save some money or not?

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Later, during the Sky Lab mission, it was discovered that after 15 days, the bone loss began to recover. Although the fitness of the astronauts was less than in the beginning, it was still enough to carry out daily tasks with ease.

During the apocalypse, it was observed that the astronauts who hovered around the moon had less fitness than those who landed and worked on the moon.

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