What are the Causes and Symptoms of Anemia/Blood - Health-Teachers

What are the Causes, and Symptoms of Anemia/Blood - Health-Teachers

Blood is a red fluid that circulates in the nerves and arteries of our body all the time. It is a compound consisting of plasma and red cells, which are 1% and 5%, respectively. In addition to red cells, white cells and platelets are also present.

You should know that the amount of blood in a healthy body is five to six liters. But it depends on the structure of the person which varies from person to person.

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Due to which it may be less. Scientifically, this is 5% of the total weight. If the amount of red cells in the human body is high then this person gets polycythemia. And if a person is deficient in blood then it is called Anemia.

Anemia can also be defined as the loss of red blood cells or anemia in the human body, which we call hemoglobin or anemia. It is 100 ml / 14.5 gm in males and 100ml / 13.5 gm in females.


• In women if menstruation is excessive.

• Licorice disease in women is also a cause.

• Menstruation in women is also one of the reasons.

• Anemia is also a complaint during pregnancy.

• Vomiting of blood and bleeding.

• Hemorrhage also causes anemia.

• Bloody dysentery is also the cause.

• Hemorrhoids can cause anemia.

• Bloody urine discharge causes anemia.

• Insects in the stomach are also a reason.

• Digestive disorders also cause anemia.

• People with chronic constipation also get anemia.

• Do not have fun and exercise

• Mothers who are breastfeeding for a long time may suffer from it.

• Anger and grief are also the reasons.

• Excessive bleeding during childbirth causes anemia.

• An injury or wound also causes anemia. In which the blood flows for a long time.

• Jaundice also causes anemia.

• Lack of food is also the cause.

• Iron deficiency can also cause anemia.

• Burning of a human being is also a reason.

You are all familiar with the causes of anemia, now we tell you the symptoms so that you can recognize the people around you who are suffering from anemia. Or examine yourself in the light of these symptoms.


• The face of a person suffering from anemia becomes pale and pale.

• The patient's nails turn white.

• There is heaviness and pain in the head.

• Patient's skin, lips, etc. become yellowish in color.

• The patient's digestion is poor.

• Loss of appetite.

• The patient often has constipation.

• Due to lack of blood, some women stop menstruating and some start having more.

• Patient's body temperature drops below normal.

• If there is a severe lack of blood in the body, then a blood transfusion is required. If not done, the patient may have heart failure which is called anemic heart failure in medical language.

• The patient gets tired even with a little hard work.

• The patient's breath begins to swell.

• The patient feels dizzy.

• The patient's condition deteriorates.

• The patient does not feel like doing any work.

• In anemia, the patient's hands and feet remain cold.


• People with anemia should start their treatment immediately

 Contact a specialist.

• Make exercise a daily routine.

• Add fruits, vegetables, and meat to your diet.

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