What Are The Disadvantages of watching TV - Health-Teachers

What Are The Disadvantages of watching TV - Health-Teachers

A medical study in the United States has shown that people who watch more TV have an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. According to this study, watching TV for just two hours a day can cause these diseases and deaths.

According to the survey, Americans living in five countries spend three to four hours a day on this hobby. Researchers at the Harvard School of Health, led by their leader, Dr. Frank Hoo, have compiled the report.

According to him, less time should be given for fulfilling the hobby of watching TV as sitting motionless in front of the screen for hours significantly increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

According to Dr. Frank Ho, men and women who spend a lot of time in front of the TV are not only deprived of physical exercise and mobility, but they also eat more unhealthy foods during this time.

The report, compiled by experts, states that lack of mobility is in itself an unhealthy lifestyle, as well as the risk of weight gain from eating unhealthy foods, leading to type 2 diabetes and heart disease. It becomes smooth. It should be noted that this is not the first research report of its kind. This has been proven by many such studies and survey reports before.

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Watching TV is a major cause of obesity. Another report states that watching TV for a long time also affects the health of children, especially in obese children whose blood pressure rises with the fulfillment of this hobby.

Another report states that obese children who watch TV for long periods of time double their weight by eating large amounts of fatty and sugary foods after watching advertisements.

In a research report published in the American Journal of the Medical Association, Dr. Hu and his research team reviewed eight more such study reports. It also examined in detail the medical reports of 200,000 people who suffered from heart disease and diabetes after watching TV for a long time. These people had contracted these diseases after watching TV for more than 5 years on average.

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