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What are the Health Benefits of Fennel - Health-Teachers

What are the Health Benefits of Fennel - Health-Teachers

Fennel has been used for the treatment of stomach ailments for a long time. Considering its blessings, it is said that fennel should be kept in every home. It is useful in many diseases of children. Feeding babies cures stomach ailments and improves the digestive system.

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Nowadays, even the eyesight of small children is getting weak. For this, put a small amount of fennel in the pockets of children and they will eat it while walking. It will also relieve visual impairment and strengthen the stomach.

Eating a teaspoonful in the morning improves vision. Improves the digestive system. Some people have poor digestion and are exhausted by the pain of diarrhea. When I ate, I had a stomach ache. They should mix a little sugar in fennel and eat a small spoonful in the morning and evening. It helps in proper digestion. In Germany, young children are often not given medicine but are given fennel water.

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It is widely available in the market and by boiling its water, children get rid of many ailments. This food is very useful. Usually, women eat a tablespoon of fennel and eleven almonds at night while sleeping. It cures colds and makes the brain faster. Do not drink tea, milk, or water immediately after this.

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