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Yoga Relieves Joint Pain - Health-Teachers

Yoga Relieves Joint Pain - Health-Teachers

Nowadays people prefer to sit on a chair or sofa instead of sitting on the floor. The time for floor sitting seems to have passed, even though it was part of our culture. Usually, when there was Milad, Mushaira, or Qawwali, everyone liked the floor seat. Dari and moonlight were spread on the occasion of the above ceremonies and people used village pillows to support the back.

If observed, it is sad to see that people have stopped sitting on the floor, resulting in pain in their backs and knees. These complaints are simply because we sit still in a chair all day, do not exercise and do not exercise moderation and thus gain weight.

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In addition, sitting in the air conditioner causes joint pain. Adopting a special yoga style or asana to maintain balance relieves heel, knee, and joint pain. This way the hormones increase and they relax your body. This special form of yoga is called "Santolan Asana". To adopt this useful yoga style of yoga, stand up straight with your bare feet on the floor and keep your hands straight towards the floor.

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Hands should be on your sides. Then bend your right leg and hold it with your right hand. So that your toe is on the palm of your hand. The left hand, fingers and thumb should be stretched and stiff. Now take a deep breath and start raising your left hand. First move it forward then slowly raise it. Don't take it away. The arm should be attached to the ear.

Keep pulling the foot with the right hand and apply it to the right. Stand like this and count to eight or ten. Imagine a hypothetical point in front of you and keep staring at it while keeping your head straight. Then exhale and slowly lower the left arm. Then release the right leg and place it straight on the floor. Now hold the left foot with the left hand.

Yoga Relieves Joint Pain - Health-Teachers

The toe should be in the palm. Gradually raise your right hand while inhaling. Your heel should be close to your hip and your right arm should be close to your ear.

Now count eight or ten times. Then exhale and bring your legs and arms down. Do this five times. People who suffer from knee pain should count to five or six after bending the leg. When the body becomes flexible, adopt this style of exercise for six to six minutes.

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