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10 Amazing Ways to Get Better Sleep - Health-Teachers

10 Ways to Get Better Sleep - Health-Teachers

Below are some ways you can get a deep sleep and feel refreshed

(1) If you are going somewhere in the morning by flight or you have to wake up early to do some work, you don't need to worry if you are not getting enough sleep. You can catch up on your sleep by sleeping at any time during the day.

NASA pilots have said that if you sleep deeply for 26 minutes, you can be completely refreshed.

(2) Scientists say that before going to bed at night, stop watching television, stop working on the computer and also turn off your mobile phone. Light a dim green or blue bulb in the room, as these lights are cooling and calm the nerves.

(3) Some people have hot bedrooms. Set the air conditioner in such a way that the room stays cool. The lower the room temperature, the better your sleep. The temperature of your bedroom should be between 18.5 and 20 degrees Celsius.

(4) Induce yourself to sleep and read light books.

10 Ways to Get Better Sleep - Health-Teachers

(5) People who have complaints of insomnia, if they listen to soft music for ten to fifteen minutes before going to sleep, they will get good sleep and insomnia will go away.

(6) According to a study conducted at the University of Bonn (Germany), those people who do not sleep even for a short time in 24 hours due to excessive work, suffer from a cluttered mind, they look haggard, They don't recognize the smell and the sense of passing time also goes away. Make sure to take some time out of the 24 hours to sleep.

(7) Ali Nye (A University of America) expert says that you can learn a lot while sleeping. If you listen to a melodious tune of music through headphones, it will be stored in your memory and lull you into the valleys of sleep. Based on the same idea, two universities in Switzerland have developed lessons for teaching foreign languages. By listening to these lessons for 90 minutes, you become familiar with the words. By consistently following this method, you can learn other languages ​​too.

(8) According to health experts, men do not get good and deep sleep compared to women. In fact, sleep is also related to good health, so it is very important to pay attention to your health.

(9) When lying in bed, do not imagine anything moving, such as sheep crossing the field or cars running on the roads, but imagine a still scene. Even so, if you do not fall asleep for fifteen or twenty minutes, leave the bed and go to another room and take up some activity in which you will be absorbed in silence, for example, reading a book for a few minutes. After a while, you will feel sleepy.

(10) You feel drowsy when a molecule called "adenosine" attaches to the brain's receptors and starts slowing down their movements and impulses, so you feel sleepy. comes The opposite is true for caffeine. Caffeine molecules look like adenosine and can attach to the brain cells and adenosine slows down. These molecules block the action of adenosine, causing drowsiness and brain alertness.

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