Eat Junk Food With Care - Health-Teachers

Eat Junk Food With Care - Health-Teachers

All the favorite junk foods of the youth and children which they eat with great enthusiasm like pizza, burgers, noodles, etc. are doing the work of very dangerous poison for their health. Duties are discharged with great responsibility. However, this is not exactly the case, but they are happily feeding their children by buying poison without knowing it.

In recent times, the most important reason for the rapid spread of diseases such as obesity, heart disease, kidney failure, and blood pressure in the young generation and middle age children in society is these foods prepared with harmful ingredients. Recently, a dear relative of mine After coming home from school, their 11-year-old son started complaining of a severe headache

The mother thought that it was a minor headache due to exhaustion and hunger, and made the child lemon and ginger, which after drinking the child's condition worsened. The child was taken to the emergency room of a nearby hospital and it was found that the child had suffered a stroke on half of his body due to dangerously high blood pressure.

If the child was taken to the hospital on time, his condition would not be so bad, moreover, the situation worsened due to the ignorance and carelessness of the mother. Therefore, according to the doctors, if the child was taken to the hospital with a delay of one minute, He could have died due to the rupture of a vein in his brain

You can imagine how devastating it would be for parents to have a child with a deadly disease like high blood pressure at such a young age, and the importance of these diseases at an early age. And the main reason is the seemingly clean and tasteful products produced by the market.

Dirty food items found on the stalls and carts in the markets are bad for health but do you know that even food items in beautiful colors and packets have negative effects on our health? Even buying quality and famous brand products they are very harmful to our health.

Because in all the products, ingredients are added to increase the taste, due to the excess of which our internal body system is seriously affected. There is a need to remove it from the list of drinks at any cost. 

let us tell you which are the free delicious foods that are making good money by pretending to be healthy and well and you are losing your health.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Eat Junk Food With Care - Health-Teachers

This is a favorite of kids and adults too because it is very easy to cook and saves us a lot of time. Soup (MSG) is a compound of monosodium glutamate that is found in packets of noodles, which is the same packet that gives our tongues a tangy taste but is dangerous for those who eat less sodium (salt). 

It is very sad news for children that noodles contain 1622 mg of sodium which can be very harmful to our health. Parents feed their children with noodles very contentedly and the same illusion is given in TV commercials that noodles are rich in nutrients and that eating them will make the child strong and energetic, although the reality is that It is the complete opposite.

So parents should be careful not to feed these salty noodles to the children and prepare the noodles by making ice cream at home. It will taste much better than these noodles.


Your mouth must have watered as soon as you hear the name, we go to restaurants on weekends or order pizza at home, but you may be shocked to know that just two slices of pizza contain 1280 mg of sodium.

Which are much higher than our daily dietary standards, so you are informed and warned that you should be careful about eating pizza. There is no regret in eating pizza in a month or two. However, if you eat pizza moderately, then It will prove to be a good step for health.

Tomato Sauce

Delicious, tangy, and giving our tongue a sour, sweet, and salty taste, tomato sauce that we love to eat with pizza, burgers, french fries, and cutlets is a poison to our health. And it is very harmful to our internal system, heart, kidneys, etc. 

Tomato sauce contains 1.106 mg of sodium in a full cup which is considered a dangerous sign so serve tomato sauce with everything. Do your best to be careful and protect your health as much as possible.

Fast Food Cheese Burgers

Eat Junk Food With Care - Health-Teachers

How many times do we go to McDonald's or other similar places and ask for extra cheese on the burger for lip-smacking and finger-licking flavor portions? Do you know how these fast food delicious burgers are doing terrible damage to your internal system? 

We get 798 mg of sodium (salts) from one fast food cheeseburger, so be careful with it. Consider eating fruit or vegetables instead of burgers.

Chicken Burger 

Everyone loves a juicy and delicious chicken burger, but there is bad news for all those people who regularly eat chicken burgers every day or skip a day. milligrams of sodium and adding too much sodium to your diet can lead to hypertension, high blood pressure, kidney failure, and heart disease.

White Bread

We have seen many mothers who pack a sandwich for their children's lunch early in the morning. But most of us complete our morning breakfast with egg double bread or double bread with butter or jam on it. If you want to take care of yourself and your children wisely and do not want to suffer from any long-term health problems in the future, then try to reduce the consumption and purchase of white double and children and others. 

Get into the habit of feeding your family members homemade milled flour bread (chapati) for breakfast, this way you and your family members will feel full and you will also get less sodium intake. Did you know that 2 slices of bread contain 295 mg of sodium, and by serving a slice of bread to your loved ones every day, you are creating pathways for diseases like hypertension in their lives? 

White bread is also easy to eat. And mothers also avoid the time cooking bread to protect the health of their family and their children And encourage them to stay away from white bread. White bread sticks to the intestines and causes constipation is the root of every disease, avoiding bread is very important for your good health life.

Frozen Food

Eat Junk Food With Care - Health-Teachers

Nowadays, a large number of frozen food packets are available in supermarkets and superstores. Due to lack of time and lack of time, we buy these foods and put them in the freezer when we come home from work. Or when you return home after shopping, you don't have the heart to cook, and you don't have enough time to prepare a dish quickly. 

It is prepared quickly by heating or frying in a pan, but if you are one of those people, you are going to spend your money very quickly on medical treatment for your health due to this habit. It is estimated that less than 660 mg of sodium is present, so now you have to decide how to choose foods for your health and which foods to avoid.


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