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It is said that as a result of reduced food intake, the appetite for food decreases, and over time, the flexible stomach starts to contract to fill even less food.

It is said that as a result of reduced food intake, the appetite for food decreases, and over time, the flexible stomach starts to contract to fill even less food. 

The fact is that there is no truth in it. If you start eating less, will the stomach shrink so that even less food can be satisfied? This is really funny.

According to medical experts, the stomach has rubber-like properties and can change its size, which helps in digesting food in case of overeating and helps in survival during the famine. 

According to research, every person is different from each other, that is, some are fat and some are thin, but everyone's stomachs are almost the same size.

In fact, after shrinking, the stomach returns to its normal shape after eating a normal amount of food, it will not shrink in any way, even if you start eating very little. 

According to research, the body stores enough calories for its activity even if the food is very little. When a person eats less, he feels more hungry because he feels that he is suffering from nutritional deficiency, and the amount of hunger-increasing hormone increases so that it becomes difficult to turn away from food when he sees it in front of him.

Meanwhile, body temperature and metabolic rate slow down to conserve precious energy. Medical experts say that reducing your diet does not shrink the stomach, but it can cause obesity because when you return to a normal diet, the body feels more hungry and people start eating more than usual.  

If you want to lose weight through dieting, it is necessary to reduce the amount of food gradually so that the body does not suffer from sudden stress.


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