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A disease affecting the attractiveness of the skin - Health-Teachers

A disease affecting the attractiveness of the skin - Health-Teachers

The face is the reflection of the body. The skin of the face is fresher and more energetic and if it is protected from spots and freckles, the personality is enhanced. The skin not only protects the human body but also provides beauty. The skin is called the mirror of health.

Beautiful skin and face are always attractive. Compared to men, women pay special attention to this and use different types of creams and lotions to beautify the skin, especially the face.

A lot of money is spent around the world on the decoration and beautification of the skin. The skin maintains the temperature of the body and excretes the irregular substances of the body. It is important because it develops the body.

Sunlight starts to make vitamin DLeucoderma is the most notable among the diseases that affect the skin and make the skin lose its beauty.

In this disease, white spots appear on the surface of the skin. The patient becomes psychologically confused. Many social problems arise which lead to feelings of inferiority. If proper treatment and measures are taken in the beginning. If taken, it can be controlled. When the white spots of cataracts start, reddish pigment appears around them, which with the passage of time and no proper treatment can turn a large part of the body white.

A disease affecting the attractiveness of the skin - Health-Teachers

According to ancient traditions, the cause of this disease is drinking milk after eating fish. It is not known what kind of fish it is, but modern research has refuted this view. In this regard, it should be kept in mind that the East In many distant countries, the Philippines, and Bangladesh, fish is the main food and people there use milk after fish, but this disease is not found there.

Medical experts say that the pigment cells in the affected area, which are found in the upper layer of the skin, stop producing color, otherwise, these cells are normal in structure and number in all respects. Experts say that people who suffer from this disease should also get themselves checked for diabetes and thyroid gland.

These spots can appear at any age and anywhere on the body. Due to the absence of localized pigment particles, the chances of burning are more than white spots. Therefore, such people should avoid sun exposure. If sun exposure is unavoidable, use appropriate covering clothing.

Sunlight can be harmful to such people. However, leprosy is a harmless disease, which is not contagious in any way. If such a person is seen anywhere in society, then he should be accepted as a normal person. There is absolutely no need to avoid or shy away from it because it is a common condition that can happen to anyone at any age.

The edges of cataracts are dark in color, while the spots are white in color. Initially, the color of the hair is not affected, but later when these spots become old, the color of the hair in that place also turns white. Apart from this, the hair of the head turns white prematurely. There is a possibility.

In terms of treatment, it can be said that some spots respond quickly to treatment, while others require some time. People who have these spots on exposed parts of the body should avoid sun exposure, as such people are more prone to sunburn due to a lack of pigment particles. In addition, the use of tinted glasses is helpful to protect the eyes from sun damage.

According to health experts, the consumption of fish and milk at the same time has nothing to do with age. This is a false assumption and is not supported anywhere in medical science. Why go away, people often eat fish at feasts and parties and puddings, and puddings are often eaten as sweet dishes, which contain milk. Then the milk is also used in tea. At home, fish is fried in curd, which is made from milk, to cook.

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