A lump behind the ear can be a sign of cancer - Health-Teachers

A lump behind the ear can be a sign of cancer - Health-Teachers

Sometimes a pimple appears behind the ear which is very painful, according to health experts, if a pimple appears behind the ear, never ignore it because it can be a possible sign of cancer. Health experts say that in some types of cancer like leukemia (blood cancer), rashes appear under the ears, neck, and armpits.

The American Cancer Society says that early signs of cancer include lumps in such areas. Other causes of pimples behind the ear include ear infections. Health experts say that the cause of swelling behind the ear can be bacteria in the ear.

The National Institute of Health says that if there is an infection on the eardrum, this kind of swelling appears, so you should get it treated immediately, otherwise, your pain may increase.

If you want, you can put warm olive oil in the ear for temporary relief and then use the medicine after consulting your doctor. Health experts say that sometimes it happens that a vein in the ear gets compressed, due to which inflammation starts to occur and such pimples are formed. Sometimes due to an infection of the nose and throat, the ear becomes inflamed and becomes a rash.
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