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A new way to diagnose depression - Health-Teachers

A new way to diagnose depression - Health-Teachers

Researchers have developed a new way to predict the risk of medical depression in teenage boys. They suffer from feelings of loneliness and the feeling that no one loves them, and they are most at risk of developing depression later in life.

Researchers at the University of Cambridge wanted to develop a method for predicting depression similar to the one used for heart disease. However, this method did not prove to be as effective in girls.

Adolescence is very important for mental health, as 75% of mental illnesses appear before the age of 24. But at the time, there was no way to tell who was going to be depressed and who wasn't.

But now scientists say they have taken the "first step" toward discovering such a method. Published. It found that young people with high levels of cortisol as well as early signs of depression had a 14-fold lower risk of developing depression.

One in six boys was in the high-risk category, and half of them were diagnosed with medical depression within three years of the study.

Sign of Depression

Depression is a complex mental illness apart from everyday stress, the major symptoms of which are:

1. Almost every day, feeling sad for most of the day.
2. Loss of interest in most activities.
3. Significant weight loss or excess.
4. Sleep deprivation, or complete insomnia.
5. Feeling tired and lacking energy every day.
6. Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally.
7. Hesitation and hesitation.
8. Thoughts of death and suicide.

A new way to diagnose depression - Health-Teachers

Says Anne Gaddy, a professor

Depression is a terrible disease that affects one million people in the UK at some point in their lives. However, our research has found a way to identify these teenage boys. "This will help us to take precautions and prescribe medication for those who are at risk of developing medical depression," he said.
Although women are twice as likely as men to have depression, this method has not been particularly helpful in assessing their risk. It is thought that women already have high levels of cortisol, which puts them at higher risk for depression. However, the test is not yet ready for medical use.

Says Sam Chelse of the Mind Institute

This study claims that depression can be detected in advance, but it should be borne in mind that there are many causes of depression. Such as life events, heredity, side effects of medications and diet, etc. However, this research can identify people who need help.

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