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One of the diseases we have is "allergy" which affects everyone from children to the elderly. Climate change is a big problem for allergy sufferers because as the weather changes, allergy sufferers start sneezing. This process continues for several days. In addition to sneezing, skin discoloration and itching are also a type of allergies.

Allergy is a common disease - Health-Teachers

According to experts, allergies are not just an itch on the skin, but like other diseases, allergies are a common disease caused by a weakening of the immune system due to a genetic disorder and it has gradually shown its effect on the body. There are many types of allergies, but only two. Condition Acute 2 Condition Chronic. The first type includes all allergy problems that need immediate treatment.

For example, itching on the body as soon as the food is eaten, tingling in the limbs, onset of immediate memories, the onset of migraine, etc., while the other type includes all the allergies that the patient has to endure.

This type of allergy can intensify over several days, weeks, months, or years, such as coughing, enlarged nasal glands, persistent colds, itchy eyes, sneezing as soon as you wake up in the morning, itching in the body after bathing, and joints.

These include pain in the throat, persistent sore throat, persistent upset stomach or thin stools, and a variety of skin diseases, in addition to a swelling of parts of the body such as the face or lips, and itching.

The most common cause of allergies is the body's immune system, but according to new research, allergies are a disease that affects the body's normal systems, including the respiratory system, nerves, and cardiovascular system. Affecting these systems causes various symptoms and complaints, most of which come in the form of skin diseases.

Allergy is a common disease - Health-Teachers

When outside polluted air enters the body through inhalation or ingestion, the allergens that attack the body attack and weaken the body's immune system. The cells that take part in this process are called "mast cells" and The antibodies that are formed are called IgE.

When this antibody reaction is an antigen, some substances from the mast cell come out of the mediator and enter the tissue body which contains histamine and some chemicals and they cause allergies in the body.

People who have a weakened immune system are more likely to develop allergies, such as when the weather changes and the humidity rises, respiratory distress increases due to asthma, or persistent cold. Likewise, allergies can be exacerbated by various moisture effects. According to medical experts, it is very difficult to know the real cause of any kind of allergy in patients.
The cause of an allergy can be determined only after a patient has learned about his or her lifestyle, details about his / her environment, food, and consumables for a few days. Itching or swelling on different parts of the body at certain times of the day or night is also a sign of an allergy. Some people do not even accept the body odor of various chemicals, or car engine smoke and they become allergic.

Allergies affect people the most and we can be affected at any age. Allergies can be caused by new places and environments, certain products, and countless items that are considered part of normal life. Often these products do not directly cause allergies but are caused by the fungus and various substances and substances hidden in the ingredients used in their preparation.

Allergy is a common disease - Health-Teachers

Various microscopic organisms also cause allergies and affect more children. According to doctors, if some products are washed with boiled hot water, the allergens in them are eliminated.

If a person in the house suffers from allergies and starts sneezing as soon as he wakes up in the morning, other people in the house should stay away from him so that the allergy bacteria are not transmitted from one person to another.

Allergies should not be considered autoimmune diseases. The older it gets, the harder it will be to get out of it, so people with allergies should see a qualified doctor immediately so that their illness does not last long.
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