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Amazing Natural remedies for cold and cough - Health-Teachers

Amazing Natural remedies for cold and cough - Health-Teachers

The cold season has arrived. Warm clothes have come out of the cupboards and quilts, mattresses and blankets have been removed from the chest. People have also started eating dried fruits. Women have made a list of things to eat and drink that will be better and more useful depending on the season.

People who are affected by the weather get the common cold. Housewives know how to prevent these seasonal illnesses, so they follow them.

Medicines are also available at medical stores to prevent these diseases, but women buy and keep medicines at home to relieve the common cold so that children can start sneezing and coughing. Some of these medicines are actually such that they cure common cold in a short time. People usually choose vitamin C to get rid of the common cold.

These vitamins eliminate the common cold and also increase our immunity. Cannabis and oranges are the best sources of vitamin C. Eating two colors a day can help control common colds and coughs. In addition, chicken casseroles are also useful in relieving the common cold, which people like to drink during this season.

Drinking it also removes sore throat and inflammation and then wearing a quilt gives relief. In winter, drinking hot tea, especially green tea, clears the throat and relieves colds. Green tea drinkers get Coscon.

Amazing Natural remedies for cold and cough - Health-Teachers

Don't overlook the hawthorn in the kitchen, as it has antimicrobial properties. The best way to eat garlic is to take a few cloves of garlic and mix them with green chilies, mint leaves, and salt and grind them to make a sauce.

This sauce is not only delicious but also eliminates colds and flu. Eating garlic or aschar in the afternoon in moderation can keep the common cold away. A mixture of garlic and salt water is also beneficial in this regard.

If you have a cold or a cold, mix a little balm in warm water and take a sip. When steaming, cover with a circus towel, so that the steam does not fall on your face instead of moving around. In addition to chest tightness, sniffing also stops a runny nose.

After taking the Bharara, it is necessary to cover the bed with a sheet or blanket. If the children have a cold, take a little balm and apply it to the nose and chest, they will get relief.

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