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Asthma in spring - Allergic asthma, Precautions, and Recipe Health-Teachers

Asthma in spring - Allergic asthma, Precautions, and Recipe Health-Teachers

Seasons change as usual. Each season has its own specific requirements. After winter comes to an end, spring comes in full swing. We have this season in March and April. There is a smell of flowers everywhere. People of all ages can be seen walking in the gardens. There is a feeling of happiness and joy in nature.

The hope of life is awakened. The ability of the body to act increases. But despite this, there are some people for whom the days of changing weather and spring are very painful. Allergic asthma patients are among such people.

More than one and a half million people around the world are suffering from a disease like asthma and their number is increasing day by day, but for those who have allergic asthma, this joyful season brings a message of unhappiness instead of happiness. Yes, because the days of spring become life for them.

They feel pain while breathing. Suffocation and tightness in the chest. Occasionally there is a cough and one has to breathe forcefully. As spring fades and summer begins to heat up, allergic asthma patients begin to recover.

Allergic asthma:

Allergic asthma can affect people of all ages. It is caused by an allergy to a particular substance. The thing that causes asthma due to allergy is called sensitizing or allergen, for example, beef, milk, rice, etc. Some people have allergic asthma due to these items.

A breastfed baby may be allergic to household items. Apart from this, people who are sensitive to dust from beds, windows, carpets, sofas, air from animals, dry weather, environmental and air pollution, and humid climate also get allergic asthma.

In spring, fruits, flowers, grasses, and plants are added to the atmosphere. In this way, these fine particles (foreign substances) reach the lungs through breathing and cause inflammation and swelling, which makes it difficult to breathe due to the narrowing of the airways.

Apart from this, cold and dry weather also causes it. Asthma caused by external substances is called allergic asthma. Which gets better when the weather ends and the air clears. As we see that in the federal capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, some specific trees cause allergies in spring and a large number of people are affected by it. The government has started the process of uprooting these trees. But still, spring affects a large part of the population there.


In the morning after Fajr's prayer, take long breaths in the playground for half an hour. Pay special attention to cleaning the house and keeping things safe from dust. Avoid sour and oily foods. Eat more healthy foods.


Take six grams of violet leaves, six grams of fenugreek seeds, and three grams of cinnamon. Then boil them in half a glass of water and filter and drink it daily for two weeks.

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