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Avoiding a heart attack is not difficult - Health-Teachers

Avoiding a heart attack is not difficult - Health-Teachers

It's not unusual to feel invincible when you're young, but as we get older, we start to think more critically about the decisions we make every day that may affect our health in the future. Especially those decisions that, say, increase or decrease the risk of a heart attack.

Heart attacks cause the death of millions of people worldwide every year and the number of such people is not less in Pakistan. Men and women have some common symptoms before a heart attack, but some are also different.

Both men and women may experience suffocation and chest pain in the chest, throat, jaw, arms, and back. Likewise, both genders may experience symptoms such as unusual fatigue, shortness of breath, cough, feeling sick, and vomiting, but men have different symptoms than women, such as weakness, cold sweats, and sweating.

Similarly, sleep disturbance, indigestion, and feeling of mental restlessness are different symptoms in women. These symptoms often appear even a month before a heart attack. But did you know that a few simple lifestyle changes in youth or middle age can help prevent heart attacks as you age? Let's know what those changes are through Dawn.

Adequate Sleep But Not Too Much It's not surprising that most people today don't get enough sleep, and this habit leads to several medical problems, including heart disease. According to medical experts, in case of lack of sleep, the body as a response increases the level of hormones that increase blood pressure and blood sugar level while reducing the level of cholesterol beneficial for healthHe suggests that seven to eight hours of sleep a night is essential for good health.

Body Heat

Avoiding a heart attack is not difficult - Health-Teachers

Regular exercise is also an important tool to keep a healthy heart strong, but some caution is needed in this regard as well. According to a study last year, too much physical exertion and mental agitation can also lead to a heart attack. The good news is that there is an easy solution.

According to the recommendations of the American Heart Association, one and a half minutes of moderate physical activity per week, such as brisk walking, also improves heart health. Enjoying chocolate Dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids, which reduce blood pressure, improve blood flow to the heart and brain, and reduce the risk of blood clots.

The chocolates of the companies in the market contain sugar and artificial ingredients, while the dark chocolate bar contains seventy percent cocoa, which is beneficial for health.

Avoid eating Ragi

Avoiding a heart attack is not difficult - Health-Teachers

The timing of your meals is just as important to heart health as what you eat. According to a study, the habit of eating two hours before or during bedtime increases blood pressure late at night, while the risk of heart attack also increases. According to medical experts, the habit of eating dinner shortly before going to bed causes indigestion and affects sleep.

Avoid smoking

Avoiding a heart attack is not difficult - Health-Teachers

It is written on the packets of cigarettes that smoking is a cause of death and know that if this habit is abandoned, it will be the biggest success in reducing the death rate worldwide. It is very harmful because it destroys the heart and blood vessel system and increases the risk of hardening of the arteries which later leads to heart diseases and heart attacks.

Health check-up

Avoiding a heart attack is not difficult - Health-Teachers

By the way, it is not a practice in Pakistan, but there is a need to raise awareness in this regard, an annual cardiovascular examination is very important for the health of everyone's heart and the problems can be controlled in the first place.

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