Back pain, Muscle pain, and treatment - Health-Teachers

Back pain

Back pain, Muscle pain, and treatment - Health-Teachers

Doing more strenuous work increases the pain, constipation increases its frequency and sometimes constipation can also cause it. It particularly affects women who have given birth to multiple babies or breastfed babies for a long period of time.

But strenuous exercise proves to be harmful. Kidney stones are also one of its causes. Sometimes drinking too little water increases the acid in the urine and causes back pain. Men can also complain of back pain.

And this usually happens due to weakness, health, sexual intercourse, kidney stones, back pain or injury to the back, and some other diseases of the muscles and skin also cause back pain.

Treatment: Use two or two tablets of aspirin after meals and at bedtime. After two days, reduce the amount of aspirin to one tablet and continue to use it until you feel comfortable. If there is a hot water tap in the house, stand in the position of ruku and drop a sharp stream of hot water on the waist, and in this position put the full weight of your body on the knees. The pain is reduced. So consult a doctor

Muscle pain

Back pain, Muscle pain, and treatment - Health-Teachers

Muscle pain usually occurs after strenuous exercise, especially when the affected person is not used to exercise. Injury can also cause muscle pain. People are suffering from mental confusion all the time, their muscles are also in a state of tension, due to tension, the muscles get tired and they start having pain.

Muscle aches can sometimes occur due to a food allergy. Men are more prone to muscle aches than women. These pains are usually in the shoulder, neck, lower back, or buttock muscles. It occurs after exercise in the muscles of the arms or legs.

Treatment: Complete rest is essential. Take two aspirin tablets every six hours. Bathing in warm water is soothing. After every five minutes as the body can tolerate, soak the towel in warm water again and place a pillow under the affected muscle and massage it lightly. If affected, use one or two tablets of Larjectal or Stelazine
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