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Bitter Almonds, Sweet Benefits - Health benefits of almonds - Health-Teachers

Bitter Almonds, Sweet Benefits - Health benefits of almonds - Health-Teachers

Among dry fruits, almonds have a special place in terms of their nutrition, nutritional properties, and taste. Its nuts are eaten with great enthusiasm in winter, while they are also used in many types of dishes. There are many benefits. For centuries, there are generally two types of almonds. Sweet almonds and bitter almonds, which we know as bitter almonds.

Bitter almonds contain a kind of edible poison, so it should be avoided, but their benefits for beauty and health are so sweet that it would be disbelief not to take advantage of them. Let me tell you some benefits.

Eczema Treatment using almonds

Eczema or ringworm is a rash problem that tends to spread if not treated in time. Bitter almonds are considered effective in the treatment of eczema. To get rid of eczema, take a few bitter almonds and grind them. Mix a little water to make a thick paste and apply it to the affected area. will give.

Get rid of nail acne using almonds

Bitter Almonds, Sweet Benefits - Health benefits of almonds - Health-Teachers

Nail acne is a common problem for young boys and girls. Apply ground bitter almonds mixed with milk to control nail acne. This will not only keep the skin free from acne but also retain its natural moisture.

Skin rejuvenation using almonds

Crushed bitter almonds or bitter almond oil mixed with half a pound of ground rose leaves and applied on the face every day improves the beauty.

With its regular use, the skin becomes clear and transparent and wrinkles do not appear on the face, apart from nail acne, dryness of the skin is also relieved. The skin becomes refreshed and rejuvenated.

Erasing freckles using almonds

People who use eyeglasses, get black marks on their noses due to the friction of the glasses. To remove these marks, mix bitter almond oil with an equal weight of coconut oil and massage the nose marks. The marks will clear up completely within a few days.

Wrinkle Remover using almonds

Bitter Almonds, Sweet Benefits - Health benefits of almonds - Health-Teachers

The appearance of the skin begins to fade with age. The arrival of fine lines and wrinkles adorns the entire beauty of the face. Although it is not possible to completely eliminate the effects of aging, their speed can definitely be reduced.

For relief, massage bitter almond pigment on the face from bottom to top, massage in a circular motion on the cheeks, and after ten to fifteen minutes, wash the face with cold water and clean it with a clean towel.

If possible, add a few drops of lemon juice to the water to wash your hands and mouth. After a month of continuous use, fine lines will disappear from your face and your skin will look soft, smooth, and fresh.

Get rid of skin blemishes using almonds

Bitter almonds are very useful for removing skin blemishes. For this purpose, take a few bitter almonds, grind them, mix some water and cream in them and apply it to the affected areas. (Skin Care Products)

Restore Lip Color using almonds

Bitter Almonds, Sweet Benefits - Health benefits of almonds - Health-Teachers

The color of the lips can be damaged due to various reasons. Poor diet, use of substandard cosmetics, and extreme weather are some of the reasons. Apply almond and coconut oil in equal quantities on lips with deep color. Their color is restored and the lips become soft and supple. Get soft lips

Treatment for dark circles and dark circles under the eyes using almonds

Mix one spoonful of cucumber juice with an equal amount of rose water. Add three drops of bitter almond oil and one-quarter spoonful of aloe vera gel and mix well. Apply this mixture to the dark circles of the eyes and face. The color will be restored.
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