Blisters in the mouth why? Health-Teachers

Blisters in the mouth why? Health-Teachers

It was not a day ago when you put something spicy in your mouth and find that there is a sore in your mouth which is proving to be very painful or the brush hits a sore while brushing your teethIf a small white mark appears on the pink surface of the mouth, then it is a sign of mouth ulcers.

These blisters are small and tight sores that form in the soft tissues of the mouth, which can be anywhere on the cheeks, gums, and tongue. According to New York University, these sores can also occur in one's mouth and are very painful, especially when eating spicy or acidic foods, but often drinking water also causes pain.

It is not yet clear what is the actual cause of these blisters, but some things are believed to be the cause. According to Myoclonic, vigorous brushing, spicy or acidic foods, hormonal changes, and stress can cause these blisters.

Experts believe that these blisters are the result of autoimmune activity and this happens when the body attacks itself while fighting a virus. Usually, these blisters heal within a week by eating a healthy diet, avoiding spicy, acidic foods, and chips, and brushing the teeth carefully.

If these blisters last more than a week, start bleeding, or get bigger over time, it is important to consult a doctor to see if it is the result of a serious problem such as oral cancer. Can help to some extent. Baking soda is alkaline which normalizes the acidity and helps in the quick treatment of mouth ulcers.

Mix a teaspoon of baking soda in half a cup of warm water and rinse it. Applying a used tea bag to the blister or sore for five minutes will provide relief. The tea contains an acid that normalizes the acid in the blisters and ulcers, while it also contains ingredients that may help reduce pain.

Hydrogen oxide is a powerful antiseptic solution and will prevent mouth ulcers or sores from becoming infected, use this solution as a mouthwash but do not try to rinse it out. Salt mixed with water i.e. sodium chloride mixed with water goes around the tissues and accelerates the healing process of the wounds.

Blisters in the mouth why? Health-Teachers

Cut a vitamin E capsule and apply the solution to the affected area, this oil will form a coating on the blister which will protect it from infection and help the skin to heal.

Aloe Vera gel also speeds up the healing process of mouth ulcers or sores while also reducing pain. Using a clean spoon, apply some amount of this gel directly to the affected area and repeat the process as needed.

Pour a small amount of milk of magnesia into the mouth and use it to clean the mouth, making sure to clean the affected area as well. The ingredients present in the milk of magnesia control the acidity of the mouth which makes the blisters painful, also you can soak a cotton ball in this milk and apply it directly to the blisters three to four times a day.
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