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Can Earphones affect your hearing? - Health-Teachers

Can Earphones affect your hearing? - Health-Teachers

Talking on the phone for hours on end, listening to loud music on the radio, mobile phone, or computer with earphones in your ear all night, or some young boys and girls are constantly listening to music on the way home from college, university or their office. The earphones are stuck in their ears.

Sometimes it is thought that these earphones are probably the most important part of their body without which they are incomplete. Headphones and earphones are an invention of modern scientific technology that is being used extensively by young people today regardless of the health effects.

In fact, using these two devices has become a trend and fashion, but are you aware of the harmful effects of this small piece of equipment?

Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. These people are enjoying life from their point of view while in reality, they are playing with their health.

Loss of hearing a ruby ​​hour

When you use headphones or earphones, the sound goes straight to your ears. Too fast a volume can affect your hearing. You may even be deaf.

If someone uses headphones, and earphones for more than 100 minutes at high volume, they may lose hearing. If you need to use headphones or earphones, try listening to music at a very low volume and relaxing your ears.

Can Earphones affect your hearing? - Health-Teachers

Ear infection

Are earphones and headphones yours? Or does anyone else use it? We definitely share our headphones and earphones with our family members' memories.

This sharing can cause infections in your ears because the bacteria and germs in other people's ears can easily get into your ears through earphones.

Not to be outdone

Headwear companies these days are making headphones with a lot of great sound headphones that allow you to listen to audio songs with very good sound, but this very good type of audio experience can be a threat to your health.

When we put headphones or earphones directly on our ear canal to listen to our favorite audio, it stops the flow of air and increases the risk of air infection. Ear wax develops abnormally in people who use these devices regularly, causing problems such as ringing in the ears, ringing in the ears, airway infections, and even hearing loss.

Can Earphones affect your hearing? - Health-Teachers

Mental strength is affected

The new electromagnetic waves produced by earphones and headphones can be extremely dangerous to your brain. There is currently no solid medical evidence to confirm this, but those people who use Bluetooth headphones and earphones for several hours a day have brain-related problems.

Our inner ear is directly related to the brain. If there is a minor infection in the inner part of our ear, it can immediately affect the brain and lead to a serious illness.

The danger of fatal accidents

Excessive use of these headphones and wire phones has also been the cause of many accidents in recent times. The rate of traffic accidents on the road is increasing dangerously due to these earphones.
People are busy making calls on their mobile phones or listening to music which causes them to lose their focus and attention. If there is an emergency call coming to your mobile phone, you should talk with great satisfaction in the car crossing.

Never answer a call while driving. In this way, you are risking your own life as well as the lives of others.

You may be a little scared to learn about the ill effects of these audio devices, but you still don't want to give up using your favorite hands-free earphones.

Here are some useful tips that you can follow to protect your ears and avoid the ill effects of headphones. Too many small earphones that go straight into your ear canal. Instead of buying such earphones, buy larger headphones. Stay above your ears and don't hurt them.

Avoid jumping on your headphones and earphones. This increases the risk of air infection. Make sure this process is done if your headphones have a sponge or need to replace them once a month, or if possible, separate them from the headphones, wash them, clean them with a sanitizer and use them.
Avoid using headphones when you are traveling by car, bus, motorbike, train, metro, or even on foot. Don't listen to music too loud, but now mobile phone companies have set a volume level for using headphones and earphones in their sets.

If you raise your volume above this volume level, it instructs you to lower your volume and warns you that full volume will be harmful to your health. Modern scientific technology and its new inventions have made our lives easier but as long as we use it to a limited extent.

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