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Cancer Treatment in Malaria - Health-Teachers

Cancer Treatment in Malaria - Health-Teachers

Every day new medical investigations are coming to light. Sometimes research comes to light during research. In recent days, an important discovery in the treatment of accidental cancer was made when research revealed that this secret could be used as a weapon against malaria and cancer. Researchers were working to protect pregnant women from malaria.

Malaria is a disease. In pregnant women, the baby's esophagus carries the food, which makes it more harmful to the pregnant mother and her baby.

Research has also shown that the Jomlaria proteins that attack this duct also attack cancer cells. Malaria proteins are involved in carbohydrates in the baby's feeding tube, which helps increase survival.

When they were incorporated into the tumor, the procedure was similar to that of Carplantia. According to Ali Salanti of the University of Hagen, scientists have long been looking for similarities between Planitia and the tumor. Just a few cells weigh as much as two pounds while tumors grow in the same way. This discovery has been tested on mice.

According to Ali Salanti, the important question is whether this declaration will work on human beings and if this treatment also works on human beings, will the human body be able to tolerate its harmful effects.

Experts say that this treatment can be effective in 90% of types of cancer. Scientists are hopeful that the malaria protein binds the jump only to the carbohydrates that are present in Yato Planetia or tumors. Scientists say the discovery could be tested on humans in the next four years.

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