Cannabis is harmful to our Brain - Health-Teachers

Cannabis is harmful to our Brain - Health-Teachers

There is no conclusive evidence that long-term use of cannabis (MARIJUANA) upsets the balance of chemicals in the brain. During a research study in this regard, experts paid close attention to the RECEPTORS of the brain affected by cannabis, which actually has the effects of drugs on the brain and body.

Experts paid the most attention to these inputs. Experts compared the molecular changes in the brains of cannabis users to the molecular changes in the brains of non-cannabis drinkers, which showed that the brain affected by cannabis is happier and more diverse.

Not only does appetite decrease and increase and the ability to tolerate pain increases, but it also affects many psychological and physical factors of the body.

Drugs are a major medical, economic, and social problem in human society, according to Dr. Harunin, the study's lead author. Unfortunately, we still do not understand the complexities of this important issue. This is an important study that has helped us understand the abnormal neurological changes that occur in the brains of cannabis smokers.

Cannabis is harmful to our Brain - Health-Teachers

According to Dr. Harunin, this study has certainly paved the way for the treatment of cannabis damage and its related disorders.
The study also found that the lack of inputs and the decline in them stops the flow of cannabis.

The US National Bureau of Narcotics has declared cannabis the first-rate drug. The psychological stimulus component found in it is delta. 9 is called tetrahydrochloride below. Also called THC for short. It attaches to the brain or the body and connects with the affected receptors, creating a state of intoxication, which affects many brain abilities and processes, including pleasure and expansion, increases the brain's ability to attract, and sensory states.

The rate goes up. Balance and harmony are affected by the perception and movement of time. In addition, cannabis-infected body fluids affect the digestive system, heart arteries, and other body systems, including the respiratory system.

Cannabis is harmful to our Brain - Health-Teachers

So far, two sources affected by cannabis have been identified. These two inputs are called "CB One" and "CB Two". The first is related to the more central nervous system and the second is related to the body's immune system and stem cells in the circulatory system.

Thirty old cannabis addicts were selected for the study and examined for four weeks to find out the organic changes and functions caused by cannabis in their bodies. In this regard, they were also vaccinated with Tab Carfluorine Isotope.

These studies show that cannabis smokers shrink their brains by 20%. The rate at which the brain shrinks is related to drinking more and less cannabis, the brains of those who drink less shrink less, while the brains of those who drink more shrink. Drugs of any kind are very harmful to health.
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