Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Diet of Kidney Failure - Health-Teachers

Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Diet of Kidney Failure - Health-Teachers

Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala has endowed a man with two kidneys. These glands are actually located below the ribs, towards the abdomen, and on the right and left side of the waist. The kidneys are 11 cm long, about 7 cm wide, and 2 or 3.

Each kidney contains more than 1 million tubular glands, nephrons, or filters (membranes), with an estimated 1,500 liters of blood flowing through the kidneys in 24 hours.

The function of the kidneys is to flush out harmful, harmful, and excessive substances from the body. To the extent that it is necessary to stay in the body, its deficiency and excess cause many diseases, man cannot survive, the function of the kidneys is to maintain a balance between these substances, salts, and water.

The kidneys produce many beneficial hormones for the body. If these hormones are depleted in the body, anemia develops. There are many causes of kidney failure, some of which are as follows. If it does not work, if it gets damaged for any reason, then the membranes attached to it also start getting damaged, which causes the kidneys to stop working.

This causes fat or blood to start in the urine. The most common cause of kidney failure is inflammation of the membranes. The second cause is diabetes and high blood pressure. If you have diabetes, it usually lasts for 10 to 15 years later, and he suffers from kidney failure. Therefore, diabetics should be very careful and try their best to control their diabetes.

Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Diet of Kidney Failure - Health-Teachers

In the same way, high blood pressure can lead to kidney damage. It is very important for patients with high blood pressure to control their blood pressure. Failure to do so can lead to kidney attack as well as heart attack and stroke.

In summer the body needs more water, drinking less water leads to dehydration, and in winter due to cold drinks less water, which leads to dehydration in the body which leads to kidney failure. I cause stones, these stones cannot be excreted in the urine, there are sores in the lining of the kidneys, which cause inflammation which gradually leads to kidney failure.

Dehydration is the third leading cause of kidney failure. Inflammation of the membranes, diabetes, blood pressure, dehydration, etc. If we look at it, it is all due to dehydration, in addition to not clean water. included.

But a very important cause of kidney failure is also due to improper prescriptions of gifted physicians, ascetics, and many people, in the cycle of getting "everlasting life" in their kidneys, medicines given by liver therapists. Have made a vow.

This was a brief mention of the causes of kidney failure, as well as the types of kidney failure, such as sudden kidney failure, the cause of severe dehydration in extreme heat, blood, and water in women during childbirth.
Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Diet of Kidney Failure - Health-Teachers
Deficiency, hypertension, severe seizures, snake bites, and strenuous exercise can lead to sudden kidney failure. They are already weak. Slight ups and downs, such as taking inappropriate medication, falling or rising blood pressure, and excessive sweating, can lead to sudden and sudden kidney failure.

The second type of kidney failure is permanent kidney failure. In 50% of cases, the kidneys fail first. With proper treatment and diet, they can be kept working for a long time and if they are not taken care of, they can go away. Gradually the kidneys fail.

It is very noticeable that until the kidneys are 80 or 90% destroyed, the patient does not even know it before he continues his daily work, even if one kidney becomes dysfunctional, the other works, as well as the fact that once the kidneys are completely dysfunctional, no medicine or treatment can restore them. The only cure is transplantation.

Anyone who has any of the following symptoms should get their checkup done by a kidney specialist. Loss of appetite, memory loss, nausea and vomiting, nausea, and tiredness. Having pale complexion, dry skin, frequent urination at night and obstruction of urination, etc., having diabetes, low or excessive blood pressure, etc.
Kidney disease is treated according to its type and stage.

Usually, 50% of kidney failure is caused by diabetes, blood pressure, kidney infection, etc. If they are treated, it can prevent further deterioration of the kidneys.

If there is a kidney stone, it's treated. From radiation, surgery is possible, but in case of complete kidney failure, kidney transplantation is the only treatment in which the blood group of the kidney donor and the recipient must be the same. Its transplantation will be so successful.

The pain in the kidney is like a fish in water. When someone is in pain, immediately tap the place of the kidney with hot water, lick the radish salt, boil the tobacco and tie it to the doctor in a semi-warm place. Take the patient, take care not to have a quack. Get an ultrasound. Then follow the doctor's instructions.

Avoid all foods that are high in iron, such as meat, rice, corn, etc. Also avoid smoking, cola drinks, alcohol, etc. Obesity, prolonged sitting, and people who do not exercise are more likely to have kidney failure like other diseases. Therefore, drink two glasses of fresh and clean water in the morning, exercise lightly, and drink water during the day.
Do not drink water immediately after eating, drink two glasses of water an hour before going to bed at night, and do not allow constipation, as well as many other diseases, which can be avoided by following other principles of hygiene. Excessive use of, avoiding all kinds of drugs, a balanced diet, and controlling obesity can significantly prevent this disease.
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