Change Your Routine Today - Health-Teachers

Change Your Routine Today - Health-Teachers

The man starts his activities in the morning, even in the evening, but his work does not end. Man is so happy in his daily life that he does not even care about his health.

Due to overwork and the same standard of living, his health deteriorates and he also becomes irritable. According to a recent study, a person can find happiness by changing his routine.

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1. Brush your teeth with a dry brush. This method cleans 60% of the tartar on the teeth and also reduces the risk of bleeding gums. Clean the inside and outside of the teeth with a soft hair dryer and then rinse.

2. Never skip breakfast Researchers at the University of Sydney in Australia looked at 500 men who lost 15 to 25 kilograms and then kept themselves smart for five years.

Change Your Routine Today - Health-Teachers

The study found that 80 percent of these people ate breakfast all day of the week. Eat fish once a week. This process saves a person from heartburn. In fact, the abundance of omega-3 fatty acids in fish strengthens the heart. These dietary acids are more common in fatty fish.

3. Take vitamin E daily Experts have discovered that this mixture of antioxidants and blood-thinning drugs clears up to 80% of the fat in human arteries.

The benefits of taking both together are so great that even if men do not lower their cholesterol, this treatment does not allow fat to accumulate in their arteries.

4. Help people in distress people who volunteer at least one day a week find peace of mind. Not only that, they have a 50% lower risk of death than others.

5. Do abdominal exercises doctors have learned from experiments that if a person strengthens his abdominal muscles, back pain does not bother him and the best way to strengthen the muscles is through abdominal exercises.

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Experts call crunch an effective exercise in this regard. The way to do the crunch is to lie on your back. Raise your knees, then twist both arms and hold the neck. Then you can lift the upper thighs. During this time there should be no movement in the lower part. Do this exercise twelve or thirteen times a day.

6. Tea Just one cup of tea, if you come to drink this drink, many cups are served, although each cup of tea increases the heart rate to 16 beats per minute, so if you can't abstain, drink only one cup of tea.

7. Protect Marriage an atmosphere of love and understanding between husband and wife keeps everyone healthy. Research has shown that if there is an angry quarrel at home, the risk of getting sick increases by 35%, while the average age decreases by four years.

8. Reduce Depression With Exercise in today's fast-paced life, a person becomes a victim of mental and physical stress even though he does not want to.

Many men try to get rid of depression by taking drugs. However, exercise is the best natural remedy for this disorder. Experts advise that if you exercise for 40 minutes daily, you will not get depressed. In fact, the effect of regular exercise is similar to that of an antidepressant.

9. Put the book on the pillow, yes, to see if your pillow supports the head and neck properly. The procedure is to repeat the pillow and place the book on it. If the pillow is straight back, it is fine. If it is not straight, change the pillow.

10. Get rid of fatigue many men wake up in the middle of the night. Then they can't sleep and they spend the whole night changing crotches. Avoid the "Kur" method that most European doctors recommend.

The procedure is that if you wake up early, soak a towel in water, then spread the towel on your arms, legs, and upper body. Then lie down on the bed.

When a person wakes up from sleep, his body becomes very hot. It gets hotter. So then comes deep and sweet sleep. Lie down and recite the names of Allah. Soon you will feel relaxed and your eyes will be at peace.

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