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Chest diseases Pain and symptoms - Health-Teachers

Chest diseases. Pain and symptoms - Health-Teachers

Respiratory disease is characterized by the following symptoms:

Cough that is persistent, painful, and with mucus. Cough is caused by an irritation of the airways and a decrease in cough is caused by the discharge of mucus. The following are the causes of cough:

Whooping cough, and pneumonia can also cause chest pain. Filling the inner ducts of the chest with water, as in cardiac asthma. Respiratory asthma is more common in children and the elderly, and dry cough is more common in children at night. 

Tuberculosis and cancer then have a persistent cough. If the cough persists, it would not be correct to assume that the cause is smoking, but there may be another cause.

Production of mucus

It is unusual if the mucus is produced because the secretions that usually occur in the airways are generally lost in healthy people swallowing mucus. Pus-filled mucus is usually. Yellow can be green.

Bloody mucus

Sometimes there may be blood in the mucus, the causes of which are usually difficult to determine, but there may be the following:

Tuberculosis, pneumonia, valvular heart disease, chest injury, and lung cancer.

In addition to a chest examination, a sputum examination, especially an X-ray for tuberculosis, may be performed on the chest and the stomach.

Out of breath

Find out how vital the breath is and whether it is moving or not. If there is bloating on the move, it is due to heart, otherwise, it is due to pneumonia.

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